A Tuscany day among Cotto and Wine

Surrounded by the colors and the pleasant climate of the Impruneta valley , we spent a “trip” together with the property of Sannini Impruneta, Mr. Roberto Poccianti, who, after a visit to the headquarters and production Sannini allowed us to discover the now completed Cantina Antinori site.

Thanks to our special guiding “tour”, the architect of Archea Studio, Mr.Giordani, it was possible to understand and admire the construction site in its process design and execution. Browsing through the news, you will see that this is the second time we can visit Antinori site and, unlike the previous one, now you can see an almost completed structure.

Open to the public in February 2013, the winery will be the venue for the work phases of Antinori and will be the place where the public, according to a well-defined path, may live a unique sensory experience: from the tasting to see first hand all the production processes. Meinardi Tommaso


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