Visiting Kerakoll Green Lab

Recently, Meinardi Sas has organized a guided visit to the Kerakoll Green Lab.

The Green Lab is a new research center in the field of construction materials with the aim of being the point of reference in the world in the development of the Green Building.
Green Building means research and innovation on environmental issues and domestic well-being, thanks to the involvement of scientific institutions and universities.

During the visit, it was possible to know technicians dialogue with them and get to know the methods and research tools. A unique and singular experience.

The Green Lab, in addition, is one of the most innovative buildings in Europe: this thanks to the design solutions such as materials used, energy efficiency, solar, water management, bio-climatic and natural light.
To know more about Kerakoll, Green Building, please log on to the dedicated page.

Meinardi Sas thanks all those who participated and participate in our informative courses .


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