The Kitchen

2013 is the year in which we consolidate a journey that began several years ago: a path called the kitchen.

If at first glance may seem a “foreign” environment to what one imagines of our work, we can instead say that is not entirely true: even ourselves, some time ago, we approached with care and caution towards this environment and often it was required in the showroom.
The kitchen has always been present in our activities, both for the request of floors or walls to match, emphasizing strength practicality or aesthetic result, both the technical and ergonomics that are already applied in ‘bathroom.
Distances, drains, dimensions, ergonomics, tops, shelves and colors … many common elements in the two so different areas!
If the technical side there does not have limits for us, not even the aesthetic he did: in fact, the opportunity to interact with our many surfaces with the volumes of the kitchen cabinet, combining textures, colors, tactile sensations, has been a source of stimulation and creativity .

Meson’s is the brand that we chose: we could dwell at length on the reasons for this choice, but we believe that the best answer to this question it would give touching hands with a  Meson’sKitchen.
We will be happy to show you the features, so many sizes and finishes including floors, basis, columns, cabinets .. and, not least, those technical details that often make the difference in terms of strength and durability.

We are waiting for you!

Meinardi Sas



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