Renew Your Velux and deduct 65%!

Velux has made simple and quick to replace old windows with new energy-saving windows . With the help of suitable profiles for the replacement, the installers can replace your old Velux  window, quickly and without problems: for all the information you need , we invite you to visit us!

Who wants to replace the old roof windows with energy-efficient windows can start work without asking permission. The important thing is that the windows are of the same size of old ones.The only certification required is that of the windows supplied by Velux.

How to get a refund?
As regards the products VELUX is valid the simplified procedure which includes:
the establishment of Annex F on the site Enea
the payment of products and the provision of laying by bank transfer
the storage of invoices for the purchase and installation of accounting and transfers made

There is no need to send any paperwork .

In how many years will be repaid?
The income tax refund is divided into 10 equal installments and takes place in 10 years.

Who is responsible for the deduction ?
The beneficiaries are all taxpayers who bear the costs for the redevelopment and energy they possess, for any reason , the property subject of intervention (individuals , professionals, companies and firms) , tenants , condos , holders of a real right on the property and who owns the property on loan . The deduction is also in family and household members as long as they bear the costs for the construction of the works, and that invoices and bank payable to prove them.

Steps necessary?
It is required to submit electronically Enea ( ) , within 90 days of the end of the work, all the necessary documentation depending on the type of intervention ( or certified copy of the certificate of qualification energy card disclosure of interventions , sworn by a qualified technician ) . The date of completion of work , from which the period for the submission of documentation Enea , coincides with the day of the so-called ” test ” (and not making payments ) .

Interventions allowed?
The work allowed the tax relief relating to the retrofit of existing buildings and include the replacement of windows and window frames , insulation of opaque walls , replacement of winter heating systems with condensing boilers and installation of panels solar for the production of hot water. For each type of intervention is a limit of expenditure was reduced compared to the previous deduction of 55% .

How to apply for the grant?
To take advantage of the deduction of 65% shall be authentic dates of the payments to be made ​​by 31 December 2014. Payments must be made by bank transfer or postal “speaking” in which clearly spells out the purpose of the payment , the tax code of the person who pays the tax code or VAT number of those who benefited from the payment. The facility must be entered in the income statement together with the cadastral data of the property and accompanied by supporting documents for expenditure. The refund will then be distributed equally over ten years.

And if your intention is bad luck to renovate the house, Velux may be included in the tax relief of 50%.

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