Technical meeting Schlüter Systems

Meinardi, in collaboration with Schlüter System organizes the technical meeting
“Solutions for the bathroom and universal panel Schlüter KERDI-BOARD”.

Over the past two years, Schlüter Systems has introduced innovative new products, developing the concept of the KERDI-BOARD: from new solutions for flush fitting shower trays to new profiles for decorative surfaces, from new heating systems, including electric, very low thickness to ‘inclusion of LED lights to highlight paths or volumes …
The technical meeting has the intent to get to know the design possibilities with Schlüter Systems to those who have not yet used and has the intent to deepen their knowledge of new products and not only for those who already designs and knows Schlüter Systems.

Date March 25, 2015

Meeting at 07.30 at the headquarters of Meinardi Sas

The course will be held at the National Centre for Vocational Education System Schlüter Italy Srl, via Bucciardi 31 / 33-41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

The course is open to technical studies, architectural firms, and industry professionals.

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Schlüter SystemsSchlüter Systems



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