Building with Kerdi-board

In this article, we would like to emphasize, always taking a lead from our showroom, as we realized a reception desk  in a quickly way and with remarkable technical features ..

The structure was built entirely with polystyrene by Schlüter Systems, KERDI-BOARD, mainly using the 38mm thickness. The lightness and flexibility of the material, have allowed us to model the structure at will: always using the KERDI-BOARD program with its profiles, it was also easy to make a solid and safe structure.
The structure, being assembled with cement compounds or the like, can be performed without waiting time and then be finished immediately with the preferred aesthetic (wood, mosaic, stoneware, resin..etc.etc.)

After mounting the panels, we applied Microresina KDH, giving a very raw texture (Wallcrete).

The moving of the reception desk to our showroom from warehouse  (about 3,60ml long per 1,20ml height) was easy thanks to the final weight.

For further us!



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