Lvt or Porcelain tile ?

Increasingly we find ourselves in providing and laying flooring Lvt .. what is behind this acronym? In a nutshell: Luxury Vinyl Tiles .. PVC  tiles with high-level decorative. The PVC, made from petroleum, and in the case of our product 100% pure material-recyclable PVC, through the evolution of the production plants and photographic techniques today has nothing to envy to many products on the market for flooring and coating: aesthetics, size even touch .. are the result variables of a product that is going out a winner every day in comparison to its competitors.


We have been inspired by the recent construction of a shop in the center of Faenza in which, thanks to D.L. in the person of Geom. Manuel Santandrea, consider the needs of the construction site, he has opted for the solution of Lvt.
In this very real job site conditions, they are evident some of the variables for which the floor is a winner in Lvt than its main competitor in flooring: Porcelain tile.
Thin thickness, strength, recyclability, quick application and foot traffic, competitive cost compared to alternatives, absence of dust during work are some variables in which our dear porcelain tiles, unfortunately, can not boast alone: ​​at least without the valuable help of high performance adhesives, thin Special thicknesses, special cutting machines, then with a conceivable cost no more competitive …
Certainly porcelain tile is now about 80% of the products to coat the surfaces that we are providing and laying a daily basis: this short article, however, I want to make you think about a product like Lvt, slowly over the years, “stealing” square meters porcelain tile and now is growing rapidly from year to year with testing, colors, surprising formats.

Today, confuse a Lvt for a simple pvc sheet or worse if you do not mistakenly Linoleum and generically … plastic is an almost unforgivable mistake.

I invite you to see these pictures taken by D. L., whom we thank once again, directly on site.





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