Ocm Clima and Kerakoll Design House

Friday, May 27th, was held at Ocm Clima of Fusignano, the inauguration of the renovated head office and the new line of “Viarossa” trade mark products. The renovation of the premises, designed and supervised by arch.Chiara Preti was an opportunity for the client to renew using our continuous surfaces Kerakoll Design House.
The renovation involved both an entire area dedicated to offices and meeting room and saw us work together with the arch.Chiara Preti for the definition of continuous surfaces most suitable to the project: Paint and Micronesina, in different colors, were the two finishings used in the renovation.

Paint, the washable siloxane painting, used for different walls or as a simple painting both as texture rifled without diluting the base.
Microresina, the continuous surface suitable two-component water to any support for a complete makeover, durable and environmentally friendly, has amazed with his result and probably a more enriched Ocm Clima project already technically and aesthetically advanced.

Ocm Clima, alongside products created specifically for the treatment (both in industrial and civil) or for ventilation, air conditioning rooms up to the sector of air ducts in environments such as mining platforms, has opened “Viarossa” which provides a customization aesthetic and versatile use of traditional channels for air treatment. The possibility of designing and finally enter a aeraulic plant that, thanks to the decoration and possibly interaction with lighting systems, audio broadcasting, is an item of furniture and functional.

With Micronesina Kerakoll Design House we have made a small contribution to the Ocm Clima products and at the headquarters are naturally visible results as well as all the comprehensive range of solutions and products Ocm Clima.

I wish to personally thank the Ocm Clima ownership and arch.Chiara Preti for the trust and the choice of our selected products and wish you good work in the renovated areas.

Meinardi Tommaso




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