Corner or border to renew? No problems with Slate Lab – The light stone

More often they ask us how our light stone behaves in corner or curve, if the resistance of the surface is suitable and if the surface is stain-resistant or not.

A difference of other materials, the light stone may cover completely corners, curves, corners … with an incredible simplicity of installation: box covered shower, walls, furniture, objects .. etc. ecc. you can keep a surface continuity.
The resistance and the cleanability with zero absorption increase and get with post post-installation that accompany our supplies according to the field of use.
Take for example the latest works performed in which curvilinear corners and edges .. we have not spared.. and also a stressed top surface

The following example is the creation of a bathroom furniture at Officine Bernardi where, on a wooden support, we laid the light stone, without joints and interruptions.



While in the images, at our point of sale in San Marino (Pipa srl), an original work top has been renewed. the anti-stain treatment was applied, the normal oil-repellent was used to leave the surface completely unaltered. The result? Perfect.

Even more, during the “Salone del mobile” in Milan this year at Luxury Living stand, we have played the light stone as flooring and, in addition to the week of people who have walked on the surface, a Bentley was parked in plain sight!


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