With Pappellina spring is in the air!

With the arrival of spring we want to renew and give light and color to the environments where we live every day but often it becomes difficult and expensive to renovate our home!

With the Pappelina rugs instead, you can give a touch of color to your rooms and renew them at reduced prices!

In addition, if it’s your first order, signing up on the Ma-shop you can request the coupon with your special welcome discount!

Pappelina rugs are decorative, stable, functional, soft underfoot and suitable for heated floors. The cleaning is very simple: it can be easily vacuumed and washed either with the mop or under a jet of water or in the washing machine at 30 °. It dries out, does not shrink and is resistant to chlorine! Pappelina rugs are made in Sweden with a quality craftsmanship and the material is free from Flalati: certified by Reach, they are non-toxic, resistant to UV rays, do not retain dust and therefore perfectly hygienic and ideal for allergy sufferers!

So what are you waiting for? Pappelina awaits you with many different sizes, colors and lines waiting for you!


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