New look for the exterior of Cocoloco Marina di Ravenna

We advise you to stop by Cocoloco, if you have not yet done so: the quality of the service, the hospitality of the staff and, last but not least, the excellence of the cuisine, will pamper you throughout your stay.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of the restyling of the indoor and outdoor premises: today we focus on two particular products that we used to coat the external surfaces. These are two types of natural surfaces with very different technical characteristics

The Pietra Leggera, with which we have covered the central platform of the outside: thanks to its large size, flexibility and lightness has created a natural and elegant effect at the same time. An effect that would not have been possible with other surfaces, ensuring ease of cleaning and durability.

La Pietra Compattata, with which we have covered the external corsets and all the cabins: paths and points that are generally left to pure cement or unsuitable stoneware, but the Compounded Stone, with its thickness and its technical characteristics has created an aesthetic pair / practical not repeatable with other surfaces. Of course, without forgetting the comfort for walking under the hottest hours, dissipating heat well, and the anti-slip without having to resort to annoying and not practical relief on the surface.

We thank the owner and the designer Andrea Plazzi of Interni Furniture solutions that have given us their trust in our proposals.

Good job and good summer guys!






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