Adhesive microlamina: perfect union of performing technological materials and digital printing.

Migliorino is a young Apulian brand in the world of coatings, at the forefront of the production and transformation of materials that designs and produces surfaces with a high technological content, capable of interpreting different aesthetic and design needs. The customized design reaches the apex of the transversality of surfaces, printing from polycarbonate to aluminum, from resin to wallpaper, ensuring an excellent technical and quality level and a range of costs suitable for all types of operations. This company has a strong potential in terms of aesthetic and technological research, experimentation and development, and thanks to the constant commitment of an experienced creative team, as well as ensuring a diversified proposal, assists and supports professionals in the design phase in order to create tailor-made products with a sartorial taste.
Microlamina is an excellent coating for interiors and exteriors and for wall or floor use, in fact, as you can see in the following photos, it can be used to cover surfaces of wet environments such as bathrooms or difficult as exterior facades of buildings, floors with high halter level, tables etc .. It comes in rolls of width (about 90cm) and height variable according to the project, and thicknesses ranging from 250 microns to 2mm, to ensure the application according to the support to be coated and can be supplied in infinite colors, with graphics chosen from the catalogs or customized following the client’s requests.



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