Officinarkitettura New Collections

Officinarkitettura and its designers never stop and are always looking for new stimuli and innovative solutions to furnish environments and make them unique with style. Their latest collections are hugely successful. Luxury Collection, fusion of photography and digital printing on Kerlite ® plates to manually create real works of art. Unique pieces on which to imprint digital images retouched by hand with brushes and acrylic colors, with the use of precious metals and gold leaf, finished with a jet of crystalline liquid resin that gives it depth and light. Pattern Design Collection, the natural elements, the plants, the flowers, the sea and the clouds, inspire the collection, enriched by the 70’s geometries and by the fashion fabrics, revisiting the history of the pattern, of the arts and crafts movement up to to the present day. Pattern design is a unique and exclusive collection that dresses the walls in the most unexpected ways. Bhaus 100 Collection, the Bauhaus school has developed along the lines of form, art and design, artisan tradition and technological innovation, and Officinarkitettura has reworked them in a new key.


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