Sound-absorbing surfaces & acoustic furniture

Environmental acoustic treatment, both private and public, and acoustic comfort are matters that Meinardi follows with unique products and services.
The collaboration with and with Garvan Acoustics has allowed us to create an effective and efficient work team.

What do we mean today by sound-absorbing surfaces?
These are surfaces mainly composed of polyester fiber which, through patented techniques, are customized according to the needs of the context in which they will be positioned.
The panorama of products on the market is generally standardized on non-modifiable panels and, unfortunately, often with suboptimal yields. Only Garvan Acoustic has created a concept of true sound-absorbing surfaces available in different finishes, formats, thicknesses and colors: surfaces applicable on walls, ceilings, or freestanding or suspended from the ceiling.

What does acoustic furniture mean?
It is difficult to give a clear name that collects all that is acoustic furniture: in summary, through different products (from flush-mounted speakers to arrays for a / v signals, from integrated systems to video technologies), greater living comfort or solutions are created hoc for public and commercial premises. In more extensive terms, for the home it can mean having audio / video managed with simplicity and with high quality throughout the home (external and internal) while for the public it can mean setting up a meeting room or the background sound of the room in wise way.

I’m interested, what can I do?
Nothing could be simpler. This is our job, to find the ideal solution for the needs of the client or the professional.
The field of acoustic correction, acoustic furnishings, integrated systems is somewhat complex and it is necessary to rely on a structure that coordinates everything: contact us and, without obligation, the preventive technical report is prepared, a useful tool to understand if and how to continue . Supply, construction, commissioning are key points of our service such as coordination with the craftsmen and construction management.


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