Make up!


What is Make up! ?

Make up! is an interior decoration program that starts from the possibility of coating surfaces with different eco-friendly materials in coordination between them from a palette of warm shades and enveloping .
Continuous eco-friendly surfaces floor covering with a versatile appearance, ability to add mural painting, re-paint structures , volumes and existing elements.
Surfaces with high performance, strong, versatile where the workmanship, manual , gives uniqueness and vibration materials.
A visual, tactile  and long-lasting balanced result.

How does Make up! ?

Make up! arises from the interplay of many factors: first of all is the union of people who decide to join their added values ​​and experiences in the field.
A solid bond, built and consolidated over time along with IMMAGINI D’ARREDO: an artisan structure specialized in manufacturing environments and plasterboard structures with which Meinardi Sas has worked for almost fifteen years.
A partnership built “on the ground ” that has its maximum expression in MAKE UP !.

Important and integral part for Make up! is the choice and decades-long collaboration with Kerakoll that, thanks to the Kerakoll Design House ® project, has enabled Make up! to take shape and grow.
Make up! can not do exist without additional and targeted collaborations with partner suppliers, those collaborations that Meinardi has forged over many years of permanence in the field of interior finishes .

Where can I find Make up! ?

Make up! is a Meinardi Sas exclusive: at the showroom you can see and touch the materials and design your own environment. Make up! is also conveniently presented in the technical study or directly at your home .
Make up! is adaptable to most needs, whether design is economic : in fact two load-bearing characteristics are the design versatility and the peace of mind of a job done in certain times and with certain costs.

To get some more information about Make up!, click here!

We are glad to present you  Make up!: Tommaso, Andrea, Raffaella are waiting for you!








(Re)design #4


These pictures are taken from the restyling of a bathroom completely covered in ’70s style ceramic tiles: the aim was to give a completely new look, with reduced cost  and time of realization. Target reached!


Partners: Fornitori e Partners:

(Re)design #3

The bathroom photographed below is the result of a complete and fast makeover and with certain costs.
In the floor,You can see the laying of Cementoresina, while in the top and inside the shower are applied Cementoresina and ocìver walls and ceiling the finishings arePatina and Paint.
Thus, always with WR03 color , it has been possible to calibrate cost and the time according to the expectations. In support, we have combined sanitary and plumbing.
Even this environment has been realized by IMMAGINI D’ARREDO.

Partners: Fornitori e Partners:

(Re)design #1

The bathroom has been realized by combining the walls finished in Cemento Crudo WR04 with a prefinished oak : the environment has been realized using a space as turkish bath, bathtub and shower with our  fast “dry” technology , using plasterboard and polystyrene.

The result was a perfectly insulated space, planned also in the smallest detail and co with fast lead times and low costs.
To complete colors and surfaces, Flaminia matt white wc and bidet, top “Ebano” Stone and Arcom Escape furnishing.
The top is completely designed and developed by Meinardi Sas and has been realized by Pibamarmi, while the structure of the environment and finishes in continuous surfaces were made by IMMAGINI D’ARREDO



Partners: Fornitori e Partners:

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