Abyss & Habidecor

Abyss & Habidecor

Towels, bathrobes, rugs and sponges are produced by Abyss Habidecor using 100% Egyptian cotton. Vivid colors, the possibility of customizing […]

Acoustic Wellness by Garvan Acoustic

Garvan Acoustic is a 100% Italian company that was born as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers. The high standard […]

AGS Systems

The skirting board “flush with the wall” of the AGS Systems is currently the most comprehensive product for those who […]


Aquavia, European leader with over 30 years of production of swimming pools only. It is part of the Iberspa group, […]

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Archeda has been operating in the bathroom furnishing sector since 1996. Choosing Archeda products means being able to count on […]



Arcom is the latest in the Atma Group bathroom furniture section (1999). Its production includes furniture for the bathroom that […]

Area pavimenti

Meinardi official dealer of Unilin Italia. If you have specific questions or technical questions or if you simply need general […]

Arkema Design

Arkema Design, designs and manufactures products ranging from automotive to furniture. Already in 1988 the first solar heated shower on […]

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Berloni Bagno

Historical company of Fossombrone, born in 1976 is one of the main Italian manufacturing companies. Berloni Bagno was founded in […]


La Besana Moquette, leader in the area, offers a vast range of solutions for every type of environment; deals with […]

Logo Bisazza


Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury brands in the field of design and world leader in the production […]



Bossini has been producing showers and accessories since 1960 with the awareness that even a simple daily act, like using […]

Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana was founded in 1960. First company in Italy to focus its production on porcelain stoneware, Casalgrande Padana, this […]

Logo Cesi Ceramica Ceramica di Sirone is color research: carried out consistently and professionally for over 40 years. A company that has focused its production […]

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CeDiR Ceramiche di Romagna

CEDiR has been designing and creating ceramic material for floors and walls in porcelain stoneware and single firing since 1968, […]

Ceramica Cielo

Ceramica Cielo

Ceramica Cielo is at the forefront of design and technology, with a well-balanced mix of materials and styles with a […]



The ceramics of Costa Smeralda” was founded in 1963 in Olbia at the behest of Prince Karim Aga Khan.The solar […]

Colombo design

Colombo Design is an innovative, design-oriented, family company founded in 1990 in Terno d’Isola, in Northern Italy. A world reference […]


Contesse started working as a forerunner in everything related to floating floor coverings 11 years ago. During this time he […]

Cotto Manetti Gusmano & figli

In the furnaces of Manetti Gusmano & figli located in Ferrone, in the midst of the territory of Chianti (the […]


Decor Union

Decor Union is on the ceramic market for over 30 years. Decor Union proposes Decor Tiles, Ceramics, Coatings, Glazed Porcelain, […]

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Deliberately inserted in the “kitchen” context, Desalto allows us to complete our furnishing and furnishing proposal, not only in the […]

Devon & Devon


Devon & Devon was founded in 1989 in Florence from an entrepreneurial idea by Gianni and Paola Tanini. The couple […]

Emil Ceramica


Founded in 1961, Emilceramica is an industrial group which operates in the ceramics industry, producing and distributing floor and wall […]

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n the south of France, Estéban has been creating a rare olfactory universe between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese sophistication for […]


Fantini rubinetti

Rubinetterie Fantini, family and company, have always been deeply rooted in Pella, on the shores of Lake Orta. In this […]


FIORA began in the 1980s, founded by three partners who shared a spirit of effort and sacrifice to make their […]



Ceramica Flaminia is a company founded in the 50s and since then works to create high quality sanitaryware while maintaining […]

Francesco De Maio

Francesco De Maio

In a long history of ceramics, such as Vietri, where it lives an ancient tradition of four centuries, there is […]

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The shower space must be beautiful and above all functional.The aspects to value are many and among these the choice […]

Gaboli Luigi

The company Gaboli Luigi was founded in 1957 by its founder Luigi, in the area of ​​Cusio in Piedmont, and […]



Galassia Spa was founded in 1980 in Corchiano (VT) in the territory of Alta Tuscia (Etruria and Falisca area) that […]

Garvan Acoustic: architectural acoustic solutions

Garvan Acoustic is a 100% Italian company that produces high-quality hearing aids. The high standard of their creations, often customized, […]


Geal Chimica

Geal is a company with strong vocation for scientific research with particular sensitivity to the values ​​of tradition. Geal is […]


GRANORTE was founded in 1972 with the aim of recycling the cork residues that came from the production of wine […]



The company was founded in 1990 by the merger of 3 companies already operating since 1955, therefore, already in possession […]



Hansa, an all-Italian business history, Industrial Group of bathroom furniture industry with a consolidated leadership in international markets, 70 years […]



Master clothier Hans Grohe (1871-1955) is an innovator. In 1899, he moved from Luckenwalde near Berlin to the small Black […]

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Hatria is the Marazzi Group company that specialises in the production of ceramic sanitary ware for the contemporary bathroom. Washbasins […]

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Oustanding competence in the field of bath and wellness „Made in Germany“: a renowned manufacturer of bathroom products with headquarter […]

Ipm Italia

Passion for research, curiosity in testing and a sound experience in laying are the main elements which allowed IPM Italia […]



Kaldewei was founded in 1918, and today it is the fourth generation that is devoted to the combination of steel […]



Ceramiche Keope, a young and dynamics firm which is a member of the Concorder Group, with a production capacity of […]



Kerakoll is the world’s leading producer of GreenBuilding solutions with internationally renowned technological leadership. With more than 1,700 eco-compatible references […]

Continuous surfaces

Kerakoll Design House

Meinardi Sas is the area reference point for the Kerakoll Design House program: a program of (Re) design that is […]

Ki Life

Ki Life

Ki Life, specialized the design of technology and facilities EPS applied towards the health sector, creates, designs and develops scenarios […]


Laminam produces ceramic slabs of size from 1000×3000 up to 1620×3240 mm with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 20 mm. […]

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Lato.eSSe: the tender side of the concrete This is how this new production of Italy who knows how to create, […]

Lineabeta Spa

Lineabeta is a family company, established in October 1980, specializing in the production of accessories and accessories for bathroom furnishings. […]



Schlüter systems developers created 5 intelligent profile geometries, so that you can install the lighting systems in each situation perfectly. Simply […]


MaisonFire is part of a group born in 1962; from the mid-90s he devoted himself passionately to the fascinating world […]



Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world’s largest producer of adhesives and building chemicals. Since the 1960s, […]

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  Meson’s was designed to meet and surprise the most demanding users. For over 40 years Meson’s designs and builds […]

Migliorino Design

As Migliorino Design Zone dealers, we can state that custom design reaches the apex of surface transversality, printing from polycarbonate […]

Logo MirageLogo MirageLogo MirageLogo Mirage

Mirage Granito Ceramico

Mirage designs and manufactures porcelain stoneware floors and walls for commercial, public and residential spaces. Expertise and consolidated know-how led […]


The winning strategy of the Montecolino Spa, that for over 40 years has grown and developed in maximum industrial and […]



The best adventures, or at least the successful ones, are the result of circumstances: the end of a story is […]



Novellini was born as a small artisan company, specialized in the processing of wrought iron and aluminum for the production […]


The Officinarkitettura product collections are made with an innovative digital technology. Here are the main lines: Officinarkitettura® Ceramicpaper “Postcards” Officinarkitettura® […]



A new concept of company, a new way, new energies to create something “different”, the new “ceramic 2.0”, ORNAMENTA keywords, […]



Rubinetteria PAFFONI S.p.A. is producing with succes sanitary brass wares since 1953 and has been able to qualify his production […]


Founded by Lina Rickardsson in Sweden, Pappelina has combined the traditional qualities of plastic fabric (durability, ease of maintenance, the […]

Ponte Giulio

Ponte Giulio

Quality means adopting guidelines and values so that the quality culture prevails in the company. Awareness for healthy environments has […]


Changing the world of profiles in 40 years? It is possible, word of Profilpas. Indeed, Profilpas is born in 1976 […]


RAK Ceramics is one of the largest brands in the world in the ceramic sector. Every year it produces more […]


Ritmonio is a company with two cores, the Factory division, dedicated for over 70 years to the production of safety […]

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Sannini Impruneta

Today Sannini continues to be one of the most interesting companies in the sector. Its impressive industrial production employs the […]

Schluter Systems

Schlüter Systems

For over 15 years Meinardi cooperates firmly to Schlüter Systems for what concerns both products useful to the laying (profiles, […]

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SI.BOX is able to offer any solutions for the bathroom and, thanks to the collaboration of architects and interior designers, […]

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Sicis and ‘the historical mosaic manufacturer, founded in 1987. Collections such as Murano Smalto, Glass3, Iridium, Metallismo, Water Glass, Synthesis […]

Slate Lab

Slate Lab offers natural, lightweight and flexible stones, made of a genuine thin layer of real stone lying on glass […]

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The history of Tagina is a story of a journey started in 1973 and originated from the collection of a […]


TDA was founded in 1982: from about 15 years is one of the main partners of Meinardi. Dynamism, flexibility, attention to […]


Since 1992, the Italian company’s mission is to offer its customers the best in terms of design and technology. An […]

The Compacted Stone

All-natural stones in the form of porphyry, quartz and granite are milled to form an original body mix and then […]



Meinardi has known this reality more than twenty years ago and, after so many years, has had the opportunity to […]

Treemme rubinetterie

Treemme Rubinetterie, after 40 years of activity, constantly proposes new collections ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative, […]

Trend Moaico

Trend Mosaico

“TREND”, synonymous with trendy, is a term that indicates the direction in which it moves change. Since its founding in […]

Logo Velux


velux is a Meinardi Company partneri since the 80’s: it is the world leader in the production of roof windows. […]

Vismara Vetro


1947 was the year of foundation of the Vetreria Elia Vismara company, although much earlier – even in 1907 – […]

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