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Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics


14oraitaliana was born to give different answers to those looking for alternative aesthetic solutions to traditional ceramics. The products stand out for their strong originality and represent an interesting reading and interpretation of contemporary signs.
The eclectic spirit that animates the brand has enhanced the tendency not to prefer a single mood but to be inspired by different sources and to seize stimuli in different fields such as art, design, fashion, street style to look for new harmonies and new aesthetic balances.
The result is a container of heterogeneous materials, versatile, fun, sometimes extravagant: a synthesis of tradition, technology and innovation in which stoneware and natural materials are in dialogue.

A large rural structure, once an ancient wine cellar in Castelvetro Modena, embraced by hills and surrounded by fields which are expertly cultivated by human hands: this is where 14 Ora Italiana chose to plant its roots.
An old building which has been completely re-modernised in order to confront future market challenges, and proposes to become a creative space for the vanguard in the market of surfaces and materials. On a path which is highly innovative, mixing the art of ancient workmanship and the originality of the most modern productive techniques.
The company has always based its proper activity on research of new materials and on innovative projects, in order to satisfy the needs and wants of the professionals in the sector with highly advanced solutions.
Today the ambition is to grow, the desire to explore new roads and the urge to always be ahead with times and the evolution of the company, a moment of complete change wrapped up in the continuity of the path undertaken.
A change in mentality, a new company concept: not only a researcher in the marble sector, but an authentic “container”, where alongside marble they find spaces for new materials such as porcelain, cement, resin…

14oraitaliana’s latest collections enter into this new frame of mind: for example UonUon, with its gres porcelain base, the use of a screening technique and triple fired. All of this revives the suggestive colours of Andy Wharol’s works; or the renovated Base 61, which identifies itself in 5 different stones with varying finishes and different formats.
The desire is to work alongside architects and designers with their projects, to give origin to things which are unique and that will never be repeated. We want to emit new energy in our field with past experiences to continue on our road: to create something different.


Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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