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Garvan Acoustic is a 100% Italian company that was born as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers.
The high standard of its creations, often customized, has led the company to integrate all the necessary services to design, install, manage complete audio and video systems in multiple environments.
This by coordinating the aesthetics with the quality of listening and, of course, with the versatility that only Garvan Acoustic systems can guarantee: possibility of dividing the installation of the system in steps, calibrating the project according to the customer’s budget, possibility of defining the final aesthetics at the end of any construction works.

Garvan Acoustic introduced in 2019 the completely exclusive proposal of sound-absorbing surfaces. A completely new concept of environmental acoustic correction: compared to sector competitors, Garvan Acoustic has promoted a range of surfaces that integrate perfectly with the planning and design of any home or commercial environment.
More precisely, we are not simply talking about freestanding or hanging panels that can be invasive or not aesthetically combinable with the context in which they will be inserted, but we are talking about customizable surfaces and therefore combinable with different types of design.

Garvan Acoustic products can be purchased directly on our e-commerce or at our showroom. Due to the nature of the type of product and use for which it is purchased, we are able to provide a complete service: from the simple preventive technical report to the on-site design and environmental analysis by means of instrumentation up to the delivery and installation of the sound-absorbing panels.

Absorbing panels by Garvan Acoustic!

Here are some images in which it is possible to see the surfaces in some finishes: the complete range, always in constant evolution (thanks also to the request for customized products) is mainly based on 6 different product lines which are then available in different colors, sizes and thicknesses . At the bottom of the page there is a PDF brochure that presents Garvan Acoustic’s sound-absorbing surfaces.

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Training Meeting at Garvan Acoustic

Tuesday, November 26th from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm at Garvan Acoustic’s headquarters in via Vittori 21 in Faenza, we present Garvan Acoustic solutions on the subject of environmental acoustic corrections.

The meeting will allow to know not only the innovative solutions composed of surfaces, formats, colors, but also the design services connected to them. There will also be a sensory experience of the benefits of an adequately designed and built acoustic correction.

Trusting in your participation, the confirmation can be sent to the e-mail or by contacting me at nr. 348/9010741.

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Tommaso Meinardi





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