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Aquavia, European leader with over 30 years of production of swimming pools only. It is part of the Iberspa group, the main European swimming pool production group.
The production is in Cervera, near Barcelona: all European production. Aquavia Spa produces spas for private and public use and whirlpools for all types and intensities of use, all oriented towards exclusivity and maximizing performance. Over 2,000 spas and Swimspa come out of the modern 5,000-square-meter production facility each year.

Quality policy is radical, global and integral. It focuses not only on the final product, but on each phase of the design, production, distribution and after-sales process. This is demonstrated by the certifications (ISO 9001 for quality management systems, CE marking in compliance with the strictest European standards), but it does not end there: our business philosophy promotes the highest quality of work, in terms of working conditions and relationship with the environment.

Before buying a spa, it is important to know the features that can make the difference. All Aquavia spas are leaders in terms of performance in their market category. This is the main objective and, at the same time, our strength compared to competitors in the European whirlpool market. Aquavia wants each of the whirlpools, Spa or Swimspa to be exclusive, regardless of the range to which it belongs.

Are you about to buy a mini pool for your outdoor or for your home wellness? You won’t find other complete competitors like Aquavia in these main features:

  • The hot tubs are in molded acrylic or corian (Exclusive line) without screws, one piece.
  • The vents are all in steel
  • There is a metal structure (anti-corrosion treatment) that guarantees strength, absence of deformations, weather resistance.
  • There is a basic thermal insulation on all, perimeter and under the minipool.
  • The draining of the water for emptying is the lowest on the market: it guarantees complete emptying.
  • Pressure water filtering, ensures that all impurities are immediately captured by the filter: the system recovers water and introduces it into the filter at high pressure.
  • Cleaning of water through OZONE: it does not require maintenance and guarantees to neutralize difficult sediments such as soaps, body oils.
  • Sanitization through ultraviolet light: avoid using chlorine and goodbye to eye irritation
  • Possibility to control the minipool remotely: heating, preparation through application
  • Flexible massage technology: sequence of combinations for an ideal body massage, customizable in time and rhythm.
  • Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy: LED colors, possibility of creating scenarios. There is a compartment where you can insert the aroma to create an aromatherapy experience.
  • Blue connect system: through a sensor the swimming pool automatically controls the temperature, pH, the level of the disinfectant, the level of the salt (conductivity)
  • Possibility to cover the swimming pool with its own mosaic, sending it directly to Aquavia

What about guarantees?

  • 15 years on the structure
  • 10 years on acrylic
  • 2 years on components

You just have to make an appointment: we will be happy to introduce you to the real mini pools!

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