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Bathrooms furniture


Arcom is the latest in the Atma Group bathroom furniture section (1999). Its production includes furniture for the bathroom that caters to a wide market segment. Arcom models are all the result of a very avant-garde design and innovative technology.
New materials of the highest yield and quality, numerous accessories, trendy colors and the possibility of creating infinite compositional solutions are just some of the prerogatives of this company that is experiencing numerous consents from the public.

The Atma group faces as a protagonist in the national and international panorama of the furniture market. A complete offer, witness of a growth and an affirmation that has solid roots, the result of a rich past and a true passion for their work.
The ATMA Consortium, founded in 1984, operates in the North-East area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly and includes 12 production facilities plus a series of distinct corporate brands. Over 1000 employees. Important numbers that highlight a concrete solidity of a growing and continuous development reality. The Group’s mission is to generate value and promote culture through solutions that are able to become a lifestyle model. Authentic products, absolute witnesses of the MADE IN ITALY style. Atma works to improve the quality of life both by creating and proposing unique housing solutions, personal and functional, and by engaging in promoting activities that go beyond the strictest market logic.
A marked orientation and a real sensitivity towards people, their customers and their needs. The will is to generate a development and progress that are total, which embrace not only economic-financial issues, but also cultural, recreational and social utility aspects.
The Atma philosophy can be expressed through the concept of being concretely present. A simple philosophy that knows how to become a way of being, of behaving, of approach to work and interpersonal relationships. All this means becoming a point of reference for each customer, for each employee, for each employee.

Coordination in the purchase of raw materials, cross-selling actions, synchronized research and development are just some of the aspects that contribute to the strong competitive capacity of the companies of the Group. The different realities are also distinguished by the particular attention they devote to the distribution network, which is very widespread in the Italian market, and for the consolidated relationship with retailers, which are followed by over 130 agencies. The excellent level of service is also demonstrated by the flexibility of the companies in the assistance / reception phase of customer orders.

The Atma group, in its entirety, has always considered innovation an important factor to acquire competitive advantage: the aptitude for change, the predisposition to challenges, the openness to new ideas and new living concepts, are the true value added. The imperative is to design and create new living solutions that combine beauty, comfort and functionality.


Specialized in:

Bathrooms furniture
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