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Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)

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Arkema Design, designs and manufactures products ranging from automotive to furniture. Already in 1988 the first solar heated shower on the market was presented.

The showers created by Arkema design are designed for both outdoor and indoor environments. They are available both in the traditional version, that is with connections for both cold and hot water, or in the ingenious solar version that allows the heating of the water inside the structure.
The times to heat the water inside the solar showers can vary according to the type of shower and the color chosen. The water temperature can reach 29 ° in 10 minutes and 42 ° in 60 minutes.
All types of showers are available in different colors and with the possibility of adding accessories.

The Ricili-Amo project

The main lines are available with resin or aluminum finish, all customizable in the colors of the range: Arkema Design is part of the Cornaglia Group which has created a circular economy project for the recovery of plastic waste: Ricili-Amo.
Once recovered, they are analyzed, shredded and reworked: buying an Arkema Design product helps to preserve our planet and intelligently reuse recycled plastic material.

Arkema Design can also develop customized customer projects: prototyping, mold making, turning, powder or liquid painting.

Arkema Design Product Lines: how to choose your own?

The product lines are many and colorful: a few steps that will help you in the right choice. Of course, contact us if you need more information!
1. Where should you place your shower? Internal or external?
Indoors the traditional shower is sufficient but outdoors you could opt for the solar shower and always have water at the ideal temperature.
2. Resin or aluminum shower?
Depending on your favorite aesthetic, you can choose whether to order a resin or aluminum shower: many colors already available in the range!
If your shower is solar, remember that darker colors (e.g. anthracite) will help the internal heating cycle.
3. Now that you have chosen whether traditional or solar and whether in resin or aluminum … you just have to take a look at the catalog and choose!

Specialized in:

Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)
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