Specialized in:

Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite


The absolute versatility of Artesia is revealed by the concrete results of its use in the most multi-faceted design and typological areas. From the realization of sophisticated projects of modern architecture to the renovation of existing environments, from the uses in the interior to those in the exterior, from large flooring to fa├žade cladding, from public works to residential use.
All the stones have passed the tests required by current European legislation on natural stones and the company has obtained ISO 9001 certification related to the quality of the production cycle.
Slate is a natural element and is processed respecting the environment. The production is artisanal: no chemical process intervenes in the production cycle and no fumes are released into the environment. International Slate Co. has obtained ISO 14001 certification as a company that produces with respect for the environment.

Artesia stones are the result of continuous research throughout the world of the best and most exclusive quarries. Carefully selected at the origin, the raw material is processed in Italy to guarantee the highest quality.
A good piece of work is still done manually according to the most ancient craft tradition.

The brand has established itself over the years in the field of extraction, processing and distribution of natural slate, thanks to its innovative vision in this field:

– 40 years of market presence at the service of customers
– continuous investments in technology to meet the most demanding demand
– selection of stones from 4 continents in continuous evolution
– 1 single reality of raw material transformation strictly in Italy
– continuous collaborations with designers and architects in important projects
– commercial distribution throughout the world through the most sought-after showrooms and openness to demand from new markets.


Specialized in:

Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite
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