Specialized in:

Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite


The sheer versatility of Artesia is revealed by the concrete results of its use in the most multi-faceted fields of design and typological. From the creation of sophisticated projects of modern architecture to the restructuring of existing environments, from indoor to  outside use, from large floor coatings, facade, from public works to residential.
All stones have passed all tests required by current European legislation in the field of natural stone and the company has been certified ISO 9001 relating to the quality of the production cycle.
Slate is a natural element and is processed with the environment. The handicraft production cycle is not involved any chemical process and there are no fumes in the environment.
International Slate Co. has obtained the ISO 14001 certification as a company that produces environmentally friendly.

Specialized in:

Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite

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