Specialized in:

Outdoor forniture
Marble terrazzo tiles, Agglomerates


BELLITALIA S.r.l is one of the leading European companies in natural stone production, renowned for its street furniture and landscaping solutions which, for over 40 years now, have differentiated the company for high quality, innovation and novel, modern design.

BELLITALIA® is particularly attentive to sustainability, the environment and clean energy by using a system of photovoltaic panels that cover the entire roof of the offices. The inert materials BELLITALIA® uses for the production of concrete are derived locally, coming from the area of the Dolomites surrounding the company, therefore fuel consumption and CO2 emissions arising from their transportation are minimized.

Meinardi Sas is area representative for Ravenna and Forlì – Cesena district.



Specialized in:

Outdoor forniture
Marble terrazzo tiles, Agglomerates
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Bellitalia – Crash test on Giove flowerpot
Bellitalia loading test

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Bellitalia – Crash test

Bellitalia has released a very interesting video demonstrating how much it can withstand a planter, such as mod.Giove,to impact a truck at full speed.
This video has the simple intention, apart from the practical test, to raise awareness of how to protect an area and, at the same time, decorate or find a double utility: planters, benches, baskets ... can be functional and             decorative "barriers".


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