Berloni Bagno

Historical company of Fossombrone, born in 1976 is one of the main Italian manufacturing companies.

Berloni Bagno was founded in 1976 in Fossombrone, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. 16,000 square meters of production area where the entire processing of our products takes place, from panel processing, to painting, to assembly.
The choice of materials, the stylistic and formal research are taken care of within the company with the collaboration of architects and designers for the realization of a product destined for a medium-high target with an excellent value for money as taught by the tradition of “made in Italy. ”

Vertical production, the use of a computerized system for production control, a library that offers endless combinations and the use of latest generation machinery, allow great flexibility in the production of custom-made furniture or large-scale production.



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