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Rugs, Sponges and Towels Bathrobes
Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings


La Besana Moquette, leader in the area, offers a vast range of solutions for every type of environment; deals with the production of textile floors, carpets, customizable rugs, modern and precious carpets, runners, doormats and industrial flooring. It also offers the supply of parquet, laminates and vinyls. B-Garden division, grass and synthetic hedge.

For over forty years they have been transforming fine yarns into soft carpets, resistant runners and an endless range of rugs. With passion and creativity, bringing together the artisan hard work, which has always been part of the Brianza area, with the most innovative proposals by Italian and international designers and stylists. Renewing itself every day in the tradition, to grow by treasuring our history.
Besana products offer a great capacity to adapt to every situation and endless possibilities for customization: each carpet line is in fact able to translate its characteristics even in the form of a carpet, of any size, while maintaining its stylistic and performance qualities unaltered. The collections are renewed from season to season, interpreting – and often anticipating – the evolution of style. We know that every environment needs special attention and today, in addition to the living and the night space, even the outdoor and wellness area can boast the presence of a carpet or Besana carpet.

The success of a brand is the result of years of experience, to which we can add solid values ​​and a serious professional ethic. Every goal is achieved thanks to continuous research in the stylistic field as well as in the technological field: new shapes, innovative materials, great attention paid to the most recent stylistic trends, together with a renewed sensitivity towards environmental issues and constant respect for the rules , allowed him to stay, season after season, an essential reference point in Italy and internationally.

It has been shown that a textile floor about 1 cm thick has an insulating power equal to a 15 cm thick concrete floor; from some American studies the saving in terms of heating fluctuates between 5 and 13%. An excellent business card that re-qualifies the carpet as an interesting covering among the many possible when you don’t want to demolish the existing one!

The carpet in general terms, does not enjoy a great reputation, and as in most cases, this “bad reputation” is the result of lack of information … talking about hygiene over time has increasingly moved away from carpet so that the association between the two terms seemed almost an oxymoron. Dust is deposited on the carpet, yes, but how can it be deposited on a flat surface in marble or parquet. But this is not a disadvantage, but it is precisely this characteristic that makes it much more hypoallergenic than the other types of floors. Experts explain that, whenever a shift in air occurs, the only material that manages to avoid raising the dust is the carpet itself. Thanks to this peculiarity it is a highly recommended material for all those who suffer from allergies. Obviously, this implies a constant cleaning of the surface.
This clarification provides us with a guarantee of the safety and reliability of the carpet as a valid solution for our home, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a technical and functional point of view. Enjoy your carpet peacefully with the intimacy and warmth that a soft floor can give to your living room or bedroom.



Specialized in:

Rugs, Sponges and Towels Bathrobes
Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings
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