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Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics

Ce.si. Ceramica di Sirone

Ce.si is color research: carried out consistently and professionally for over 40 years. A company that has focused its production on the development and the possibility of interpretation of colors with compatible surfaces and formats. The selected raw materials that form the support guarantee the total absence of impurities and consequently a better color distribution.

The history of the Fumagalli family has roots that go back to its origins, as producers of floor material in the last century. The founders began their activity in 1872, continued and expanded in 1960 with CE.SI. ceramic coating and flooring industry. For over 60 years, CE.SI. invents, designs and manufactures top quality ceramics, appreciated all over the world and able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. The continuous research on color, the attention to the use of selected raw materials, make CE.SI. an internationally recognized leader in the production of glazed porcelain stoneware tiles for floors and walls. The variety of colors and finishes available, offers designers the possibility of creating infinite combinations and effective solutions.
Each tile CE.SI. it becomes a range of perfect solid colors obtained thanks to advanced production processes that guarantee a high quality of both shiny and matt finish. The combination of colors and sizes in solid colors, thus become “unique pieces”, true fantasies of style born to never tire. A fascinating palette that offers modular formats and even special pieces so as not to neglect any detail.


Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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