Ceramica Sant'Agostino

Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics

Ceramica Sant’Agostino

The protagonist of a highly successful entrepreneurial journey, Ceramica Sant’Agostino began its activity in 1964 near Ferrara, in an area geographically distant from the other Italian companies in the sector, almost all concentrated in a very specific point in Emilia. Rigorous controls on raw materials purchased from the best international suppliers, maintaining a human dimension in professional relationships, intense and continuous training of human resources whose professionalism represents one of the most important capitals of the company, and still inventive, ability to renew, design all ‘avant-garde, quality and after-sales service, the search for perfection, taken care of down to the smallest detail, are the indispensable heritage of Ceramica Sant’Agostino who teaches and often directs competition.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino has long been at the forefront in the use of materials and systems that protect man and the environment. No type of toxic or harmful substance is used in its production processes; has the most sophisticated technologies to minimize the environmental impact of its activities; most of the energy needs are self produced or recovered from the plants in the form of thermal energy and the waste materials, both solid and liquid, are totally recovered and reused in the various production cycles.

The new systems, perfectly integrated with the existing ones, allow to further improve the capacity, flexibility and production quality of Ceramica Sant’Agostino. Indicatively the new production capacity is equal to 98,000 m2 per week and 4,500,000 m2 per year.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino aims to create a successful company, committed to competing in compliance with the principle of fair competition and the rules of professional ethics with the most qualified competitors in the sector, in a logic of qualitative excellence of the products supplied , aimed at achieving a positive economic result and increasing the solidity of the Company, increasing the economic value and remunerating the capital subscribed by the shareholders. All this is done following the principles of the Code of Ethics and according to the Organizational Model regulated by the Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231, entitled “Rules governing the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal status”.


Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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