The Compacted Stone

All-natural stones in the form of porphyry, quartz and granite are milled to form an original body mix and then compacted using a patented pressing technology with which it is possible to achieve through-body colouring across a 22mm-thick mix. The result is an excepyionally compression-resistant material with a unique non-slip frost resistant surface. From here a physical characteristic becomes an aesthetic odyssey. The uniqueness of the surfaces coupled with superior technical performance means that the Compact Range can be used for pavings and walls in both indoors and outdoor contexts.

Material continuity forms the backdrop of a setting that bridges hiatuses in living areas, thus restoring aesthetic and phychological fullness. A creative new resource for interior designers and architects and an emotion for those who live it.

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Cromie collection: Compact finishing

The Compact finishing is the basic surface of the Citytile’s production: with its straight edges it is possible to lay the different sizes with a minimum distance and have a modern look. In the images below you can see commercial exteriors, exteriors of private homes, swimming pools, port areas and stairway solutions.

Cromie Collection: Consolare finishing

The Consolare finishing has a “tumbled” surface: this finishing, carried out internally to the production, has the characteristic of having rounded edges with the result of a more classic aesthetic effect and with a slightly larger joint measurement compared to that of the Compact finishing. In this finishing many formats are available including the formless, the mosaic, and certainly the best effect in the case of laying of staircases or linear edges. In the following images we try to better describe these examples.

Cromie Collection: Lappato finishing

Lappato is a post production finishing and gives a much smoother and semi-reflecting appearance: the lapping technique is used both on stones and on very porcelain stoneware and is an embellishment of the surface especially in interior environments (wall and floor).

Le Pietre Collection: Natural finishing

The Le Pietre collection has the aesthetic characteristic of having mainly “pastel” colors that recall the classic shades of natural stones. The natural surface is available in 6 colors and 4 sizes.

Le Pietre Collection: Flammed finishing

The Flamed finish stands out from the natural finish for the thin grooves that run through its surface.

Le Pietre Collection: Lappato finishing

The Lappato finishing, obtained through post-production processing, makes the surface smoother and more reflective. The surface thus obtained is ideal for interiors, coverings and wherever you want to obtain a material effect with a modern aesthetic.

LikeABee Collection

LikeABee is the collection of formats and colors inspired by the hexagonal shape. All colors and finishes in the catalog can be made in two sizes of hexagons: 25x29cm and 14.5×16.5cm

Special collections elements

Citytile’s, in its collections and finishes, can boast several special elements: step, “L” elements, skirting boards, as well as the possibility of creating custom-made elements.
It is important to underline that the special structure of the material, can also allow the alternative solution to always use the basic format to create edges and steps. As can be seen in the images below, it is possible to obtain excellent results and, at the same time, to have an economy of construction site. Stop at extra costs for special pieces !!

Other Images, special works

Citytile’s has other special features in the range, such as the Orienta line, for blind people or the Cityglam line, which uses hydrojet technology to create decorations, logos or sections of the material. For interior solutions are available simple and effective treatments to make the surface easily cleanable and non-absorbent.



Directly from our news

New look for the exterior of Cocoloco Marina di Ravenna

We advise you to stop by Cocoloco, if you have not yet done so: the quality of the service, the hospitality of the staff and, last but not least, the excellence of the cuisine, will pamper you throughout your stay.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of the restyling of the indoor and outdoor premises: today we focus on two particular products that we used to coat the external surfaces. These are two types of natural surfaces with very different technical characteristics

The Pietra Leggera, with which we have covered the central platform of the outside: thanks to its large size, flexibility and lightness has created a natural and elegant effect at the same time. An effect that would not have been possible with other surfaces, ensuring ease of cleaning and durability.

La Pietra Compattata, with which we have covered the external corsets and all the cabins: paths and points that are generally left to pure cement or unsuitable stoneware, but the Compounded Stone, with its thickness and its technical characteristics has created an aesthetic pair / practical not repeatable with other surfaces. Of course, without forgetting the comfort for walking under the hottest hours, dissipating heat well, and the anti-slip without having to resort to annoying and not practical relief on the surface.

We thank the owner and the designer Andrea Plazzi of Interni Furniture solutions that have given us their trust in our proposals.

Good job and good summer guys!





Meinardi for the Coco Loco in Marina di Ravenna

On Saturday 17 March, the Coco Loco of Marina di Ravenna inaugurated the summer season: the inauguration, despite the weather, was a great success and the guests present appreciated the restyling that was performed.

The renewal of the Coco Loco, thanks to the creativity of Andrea Plazzi of Interni Soluzioni d’Arredo, has affected the interior and exterior of the restaurant: Meinardi is proud to have contributed to this success with the materials destined for renovated surfaces such as the tops of the counters, the internal flooring and the outdoor flooring.

Here are some photos taken during the event: for more information or images, register on our website and visit the links in the article.


Register on our website and then look at the following links: State Lab and La Pietra Compattata. You will be able to access other special images!

Wellness area with compacted stone

Here is an example of a wellness area covered on the floor and wall with the compacted stone in the format 8 x 33 cm. in a mix of colors.

To create movement both on the floor and on the wall, a herringbone installation was chosen, mixing white, green, wood and blue.


Bellaria, Rimini: The compacted stone for the canal port.

The compacted stone was chosen to pave the Bellaria canal port: the characteristics of anti-slip, frost resistance, perfect adhesion to the cement support and .. not least .. the winning aesthetics, have beaten the competing surfaces.

A great result that we would like to share with you with these images taken both in the work in progress and at the end.

The compacted stone was also featured at Maison et Object in Paris in collaboration with the architect. Paola Navone for the settings of Letti & co.

New Citytile’s exhibition set

Who said that the compacted stone is just for outside laying?

The materiality of the product, the variety of available colors, the pleasant touch … are fundamental elements that distinguish Citytile’s surfaces and allow different styles of setting.

In the images is visible our exhibition set: wall-mounted hexagonal, with a mix of available textures and rectangular shapes at floor, in different colors.

Would you like to know more? … we are waiting for you!

Citytile’s in Milano at Letti & Co. showroom

Citytile’s – The compacted stone, is present in Milan at the showroom of Letti & Co., project directed by Arch. Paola Navone.
The showroom, in partnership with Gervasoni, whose arch. Paola Navone is the artistic director, best expresses the message of the project: the culture of sleep through research and customization of the sleeping area.
The Citytile’s surface here in black, “Consolare” finishing was carefully chosen as all the other furnishings.

Like a Bee by Citytile’s

Like to Bee: the new production of Citytile’s.
We publish some images in preview of the new forms that Citytile’s has added to its range of colors sizes ..
We wait in the exhibition hall to see them in person …


Citytile’s Laying course

Thursday 26th November at 18.00  it will take place, at our showroom in Faenza Via Volta 2, the  installation course of “The stone compacted” by  Citytile’s. The course will be held in conjunction with Schlüter Systems that will present the “Troba” drainage system.

The course application is mainly oriented to construction companies and craftsmen applicators who want to learn more about the presented products and about methods of installation through a practical demonstration on site: I gladly extend the invitation to construction site engineers, design studios and architecture ones because during the presentation it will be described the characteristics of the Citytile’s products and Schlüter Systems drainage system “Troba” allowing a more extensive and thorough knowledge of these finishes and technologies.

After the presentation, those present will be our guests for dinner.

For organizational reasons, the number of available places is limited to nr.40 seats: To confirm your attendance please fill out the form at the following link or by calling the following number: 348 9010741 (Tommaso).




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