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Construction materials and for installation


Coprox is an entirely mineral mortar, suitable for restoration and dehumidification of degraded wallsand floors.
Waterproofing with counterthrust, dehumidification and capillary rising are the most common applications: exterior walls, basements, retaining walls, floors, ceilings, swimming pools, spa areas.

The main features of Coprox are:
1. 100% inorganic mineral entirely
2. Final solution, applies without demolishing walls or plaster
3. Thin, even less than 0,39 inch!
4. Ease of use and ease of preparation
5. Hygienic, there is no formation of algae, mold, lichens
6. Suitable for floors, cleanable with a pressure washer
7. Chance of finishing in different colors

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Specialized in:

Construction materials and for installation
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Construction site G

In the pictures below, you can see the remaking of a pavement laid just a few months before: our job has required the proper waterproofing in a specific area and the complete restoration of steps that allows access to the basement rooms.

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Wall restoration with Coprox

In these images we show how the Coprox, in just a few millimeters of thickness, heals definitely a masonry degraded by moisture: where even the macroporous mortars or other systems do not give lasting results, Coprox manages to be successful.
Coprox, inorganic mortar, with its natural characteristic of being permeable to vapor and impermeable to water maintains the correct and natural humidity of the masonry and does not give rise to episodes of detachment plaster or mold growth.
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Here are some of the recent construction site images (still work in progress ..) in Castel Bolognese.

Recovery outside staircase using Coprox

In the last week we completed the restructuring of a completely degraded external staircase.
The scale was completely healed using Coprox being able to provide a safe and long lasting result: Coprox inorganic mineral mortar, 100% natural, has the property to preserve the structure and maintain the right humidity of the structure. A product that does not know term in its life cycle due to the characteristics of the mineral with which it is composed.
In this recovery of external staircase, as in other applications, the client has defined the color with which to finish the surface and obtain, in particular, a smooth non-slip effect and at the same time. All without forgetting the construction company that has applied Coprox: Impresa Edile Antonio Marino

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Coprox meeting

 March on Thursday 6th, at Villa Abbondanzi in Faenza, there will be the meeting “Coprox, comparison between the only system in thin breathable / waterproof and the others ones”

Coprox, for decades, is the ultimate solution to restore the walls, external and internal. The meeting will allow to clarify the methods generally used in comparison with the definitive Coprox method .

Seats available: 25 people
Reservation Deadline: March, Monday 3rd

invito villa abbondanziA4.indd 

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Ultimate Solution for walls degraded by moisture

The restoration of retaining walls, basements, exterior or interior walls damaged by moisture, capillary rising has a definitive solution.
The Coprox system allows an absolutely definitive solution, without demolishing the existing media with short times and reduced costs compared to other products dehumidifying.
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