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Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings


CORETEC is the innovative and quality laminate floor, which differs from any other floor in terms of features and performance: 100% waterproof, warm like wood, resistant like ceramic and easy and cheap to lay like a laminate.
Designed for durability and stability, the COREtec floor is suitable for all types of solutions. In the private sector (guaranteed for life), residential (15/20 years) and also suitable for underfloor heating. Ideal for those who want a durable and elegant solution to renovate or build the floors of their home.

CORETEC has an extruded core made from recycled wood, bamboo powder, limestone and virgin PVC, protected by a layer of virgin PVC in the upper part. A layer of sound-absorbing cork is already incorporated on the bottom and no mat is required for laying.

Main features:
• 100% Water resistant in any environment
• Stable estremator – No leaks and expansion joints are needed
• Extremely easy to install – No professional installer required
• Super resistance class AC6
• Extremely silent – Reduces ambient noise and foot traffic
• Fireproof – Class B1 fire resistance

The collections are 9: XL +, XL, HD +, HD, WOOD +, WOOD, MEGASTONE, STONE, NATURALS.

CORETEC is an exclusive US patent of U.S. FLOOR.


Specialized in:

Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings
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