Deliberately inserted in the “kitchen” context, Desalto allows us to complete our furnishing and furnishing proposal, not only in the kitchen but also in the outdoor or living area.
Desalto is a company that for almost 30 years spreads a product idea based on constant technical and technological research at the service of greater functionality. 30 years of activity make Desalto a young, but also historical brand. Of one and the other dimension the company boasts: a youth capable of linking together iconic chairs and accessories, such as graphic signs drawn in the air, to flexible tables as everyday life is flexible. But also of a story, begun in 1990, which sees the four Orsenigo brothers imagine, starting from the family company that worked the metal, a reality that best responds to the times, making use of the collaboration of established or emerging designers. Different visions that embrace the same corporate philosophy that renews itself while preserving unbreakable values ​​of harmony, expressive refinement, formal cleanliness and originality.
The constant technological research, combined with the most refined design, in Desalto creates tailor-made furnishing solutions, developing from the catalog products tailor-made solutions in terms of finishes, colors and sizes, always in the sign of excellence that distinguishes each creation. A productive flexibility that gives the experiential emotion of a sartorial product capable of punctually satisfying a sophisticated and demanding clientele, making it the absolute protagonist of its living space. Every single object thus becomes an emblem of creative flexibility and qualitative excellence.
At Desalto, the commitment to technical and functional research is continuous, a rare lymph that is grafted onto the creative current to arrive at the design of always new furnishing collections.
A profound culture of design and an inexhaustible curiosity for innovative technologies and materials is combined in Desalto with great ability in processing with high technical content, acquired and refined over time thanks to Italian craftsmanship. And finally, an accurate control of all the phases of the project, from the development of the prototype to its engineering, make Desalto today one of the leading companies in the high-end furniture sector worldwide.

In Desalto, the concept of quality is declined in ethical values ​​such as beauty, harmony and eco-sustainability. An eco-sustainable design that becomes the philosophy of living based on greater attention to the environment, which is transformed into business ethics.
Even design, therefore, like any other design and production activity, can be carried out with respect for the environment and health, to guarantee the best quality of life for future generations.

Desalto, always attentive to environmental sustainability within the manufacturing process, boasts an exemplary water cycle of the galvanic plant, which is used, recycled and finally purified in compliance with the strictest regulations. Furthermore, since 2011, an innovative photovoltaic system consisting of 1730 solar panels has been activated whose energy produced covers the entire company needs, triggering a virtuous circle that positions Desalto among the most attentive and committed in sustainable practices.




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