Ceramica Dolomite

Specialized in:

Shower and Shower Trays
Sanitary-ware and Bathtubs


As the name suggests, Ceramica Dolomite was born at the foot of those mountains that from Belluno go up beyond the Austrian border: in Trichiana in 1965. The call to the mountains evokes for the men who live there and work concreteness of ideas, practicality intentions and a solid conviction in dealing with the obstacles that separate them from success. Ceramica Dolomite, in its sector, has made this entrepreneurial spirit the reason for its success.

Strengthening the growing production capacity, the demonstrated commercial dynamism and the new market trends, the company expands its catalog, focuses on products with important formal content, increases the number of sanitaryware lines and calls them to design their designers of fame, like Marco Zanuso, Luigi Molinis, Piano Design Workshop, or of great specialization in the ceramic field, like Antonio Bullo.

In 1999 Ceramica Dolomite entered the American Standard group and later, in 2007, it confirmed itself as a leading local brand of Ideal Standard International.
Dedication, tradition, work continue to distinguish Ceramica Dolomite. Values ​​inherited from the mountain, solid and deep roots that look and aspire to the future.

The balance of the ecosystem is one of the cornerstones of Ceramica Dolomite: the high-efficiency and new generation cogeneration plant installed in 2013 is tangible proof of this. By exploiting the steam emitted by the furnaces of the plant, they generate the energy necessary for the production activities and at the same time we feed the public lighting of the country. Moreover, their constant ecological commitment is reflected throughout the entire ceramics production process: precisely for this reason, particular attention is paid to the processing waste, in compliance with all recycling and recovery criteria.


Specialized in:

Shower and Shower Trays
Sanitary-ware and Bathtubs
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