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Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics

Dom ceramiche

Dom relies on the creativity of artists, young or established, able to transfuse into the ceramic surfaces, through original and innovative solutions, the emotion of a creativity applied to different materials.
Manufacturer of floor and wall coverings, Dom is a leading company for the right balance between quality and value of the material conceived and produced.

Located in the heart of Sassuolo, the industrial area at the global forefront for innovation, quality, style and technology, Dom Ceramiche has always stood out as a voice outside the choir of the ceramic industry for its intense research activity on raw materials, clays and minerals, to be transformed then into ceramic from floor or wall.
For over 15 years on the market, Dom Ceramiche has undergone a process of continuous evolution, in order to meet the changing needs of buyers.
Always state-of-the-art products, distributed all over the world with particular attention to Italian high-end distributors and importers. Moreover, Dom continues its presence in the field of projects with international and high-level supplies, the result of the union of the most advanced technologies and a careful and constant study of the latest stylistic and design trends.

It has two research laboratories specialized in the study and formulation of ceramic materials derived from clay and natural mineral mixtures and of exclusive know-how that allows us to offer the market a wide range of floor and wall coverings distributed throughout the world.

Dom Ceramiche works for continuous improvement in the field of research and environmental sustainability by proposing ceramic surfaces obtained from processes that optimize the materials used and energy consumption. Joining the Green Building Italia allows Dom Ceramiche to be online with the most competitive companies in the construction segment to accelerate the spread of a sustainable building culture.
Attention to minimize environmental impact and the use of selected raw materials make Dom Ceramiche products usable in the most environmentally conscious environments. Use of the best available technologies and adoption of international best practices to continuously improve operational management, promote energy efficiency, prevent pollution and reduce the climate impact associated with the use of fossil fuels.

Glazed porcelain:
The resistance guaranteed by the porcelain stoneware, joins the aesthetic value of the surface subjected to enamelling processes to obtain a precious and versatile furnishing element, capable of interpreting every style and every color.

Colored dough porcelain stoneware:
It is the industrial manufacture of natural stone, but with greater resistance, unattainable use performance, extreme ease of installation and maintenance. It is worked as a natural stone and can be used in all public and private environments.

BITECH® support is achieved through new technologies and innovative production facilities that enhance its aesthetic as well as functional values, creating a synthesis between the best ceramic tradition and the most sophisticated technologies.

Digital Technology:
Dom confirms its leading role among companies projected into the future of Made in Italy and conquers the new frontiers of ceramics with Digital Technology, the new generation technology available today, which revolutionizes the concept of decoration: each piece is different from the other, very high definition , perfect decoration of structured surfaces, enhancement of brightness and depth, feeling warm to the touch. With Dom Ceramiche the beauty of tradition becomes innovation and avant-garde design.


Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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