Emil Ceramica

Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics


Founded in 1961, Emilceramica is an industrial group which operates in the ceramics industry, producing and distributing floor and wall coverings.
Emilceramica has acquired a series of major holdings in subcontractors supplying products and services to the ceramics industry.
The company’s industrial expansion has generated a gradual increase in production capacity through the total or partial acquisition of various ceramics companies in Italy and abroad.
Its growth into complementary sectors has enabled Emilceramica to extend its technological know-how and rise to new industrial and commercial challenges in a variety of market areas.

Quality of product and customer service are the principles on which the Emilceramica corporate philosophy has always been based.

Environmental protection is one of Emilceramica’s top priorities, pursued and achieved through the construction of a non-pollutant production process. The company is constantly implementing projects which protect the environment above and beyond legal requirements, with the complete recycling of wastewater, sludges and all reject output.

Emilceramica produces ceramics without the use of harmful and/or radioactive raw materials, creating products that comply with the latest biobuilding techniques.

Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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