n the south of France, Estéban has been creating a rare olfactory universe between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese sophistication for around 30 years. Perfume lines, body products, decorative accessories for environments, all using quality raw materials and respecting eco-sustainability.

Esteban’s creations are based are aromatherapy, essential oils, Mikado, spray, scented mist ceramic diffusers, cabinet care and drawers, personal fragrances Esteban earnings are the guarantee of their products based on high level, luxury products designed for the pleasure and satisfaction of its customers. The innovation, more than thirty years ago, Stephen was the precursor of the scented candle Produced with 100% vegetable wax, Esteban has made popular the use of Japanese incense in the European market and has reinvented all the elegance of the fragrant bouquet.
Note: aware that we live in a world where everything is linked, the environment has always played a key role in Stefano’s creative approach. The art of perfume The creations of Esteban Scented are always in perfect harmony with real emotions.

Its aromas are recreations of true emotions and sensations. Let your emotions and your spirit guide you on an olfactory journey …



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