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Bathrooms furniture


Since 2000, the Falper company has been designing and manufacturing components for the high-value bathroom, inspired by the best design and rated the absolute search for the most innovative materials. The result is a bathroom traits tailor made according to the specific needs and tastes of buyers. Falper loves minimalism and understated essence of elegant design, so the tanks, the complements and furniture ever to meet these aesthetic traits.
To design research performed by Falper over the years is associated with the desire to support the best technology at the service of who uses the bathroom and rated the consistent protection of natural resources. The production processes, choice of materials and each step of the process are in fact inspired by a ‘green’ vocation that knows how to make the bathrooms environmentally rated and energy saving.
Design, purity of form and lots of creativity are the distinctive traits of Falper, a company that has established itself in the international market thanks to strong and immediately recognizable elements of a solid tradition, all Italian in every single production step.

Specialized in:

Bathrooms furniture

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Style and Design for this bathroom signed by Meinardi

The Meinardi group and the experience of our artisans. For over 60 years at your service. 360 degrees.
From the sketches to the project.
From the project to the realization.

SE.ST. Style and design combined with modernity and research of every single material.

Unique continuous surfaces Kerakoll Design House: a new style of interior design in which the rooms and walls fade into each other.
recolorLegno04 on the floor. wallcrete08 on the wall.
decor08 for fixtures, furnishing accessories and lighting fixtures.

Fantini taps Milano Milano series: the particularly distinctive feature proposes a graphic sign that interprets the bathroom, going beyond the idea of modern taste to cross into the futuristic.

Mobile Falper series 4.0
Redefines the design and the reference thickness of the bathroom, It is the first collection to boast a similar care for construction details even in small furniture.







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