Specialized in:

Emotional Showers
Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)

Fantini rubinetti

Rubinetterie Fantini, family and company, have always been deeply rooted in Pella, on the shores of Lake Orta. In this very special little village, which Americans would call ‘in the middle of nowhere’, water is the absolute protagonist and here we create products for everyday use that bring water into our homes, constantly renewing a small great magic that has become indispensable today. Fantini has been designing and manufacturing innovative products for over 50 years, which have become an international reference point for the evolution of design in the sector.

Fantini is a typical Italian design factory, a family company founded in 1947 by the brothers Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini, a place with a strong creative intensity where you can combine a great manual and artisanal skills with industrial technologies and processes.
The design has been part of the company’s DNA since the beginning and the strength of its products is in technological innovation combined with the creative contribution of the designers. Over time the company has technologically evolved, research has led to the creation of increasingly sophisticated and quality products that have led it to become a point of reference in the international field. The pursuit of quality is a strategic objective that sees the company daily engaged on all fronts, starting from the product project, to constant innovation within all production and management processes.

Looking carefully, Italian excellences are born almost all in small towns and villages, in isolated and protected places, far from the noise of large urban concentrations, which, on the contrary, rarely generate striking innovations. As if creativity, to express itself best with all its strength, needed isolation, concentration, total dedication.


Specialized in:

Emotional Showers
Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)
Fantini rubinetti web site


Fantini Aboutwater Cersaie 2011


Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads

Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads

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Meinardi for the furniture that makes the difference, making your bathroom essential and unique.

The bathroom is the most personal and intimate environment of any home and it is essential to create it according to both your practical needs and personal taste, to make it a unique environment where you can feel at ease in an oasis of total relaxation. In this bathroom, with pure and essential shapes, the color of the wooden floor, combined with the opaque white of the Flaminia bathroom fixtures and the Fantini faucets, have made this room unique and welcoming. The sign freestanding bathtub, elegant and comfortable, is also ideal as a piece of furniture in the middle of the room. In the shower area, instead, Laminam was chosen to coat the shower tray and flush outlet of Schluter Systems.


Style and Design for this bathroom signed by Meinardi

The Meinardi group and the experience of our artisans. For over 60 years at your service. 360 degrees.
From the sketches to the project.
From the project to the realization.

SE.ST. Style and design combined with modernity and research of every single material.

Unique continuous surfaces Kerakoll Design House: a new style of interior design in which the rooms and walls fade into each other.
recolorLegno04 on the floor. wallcrete08 on the wall.
decor08 for fixtures, furnishing accessories and lighting fixtures.

Fantini taps Milano Milano series: the particularly distinctive feature proposes a graphic sign that interprets the bathroom, going beyond the idea of modern taste to cross into the futuristic.

Mobile Falper series 4.0
Redefines the design and the reference thickness of the bathroom, It is the first collection to boast a similar care for construction details even in small furniture.







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