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Emotional Showers
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)

Gaboli Luigi

The company Gaboli Luigi was founded in 1957 by its founder Luigi, in the area of ​​Cusio in Piedmont, and is a family-run craft business. Currently led by his sons Susanna, Claudio and Gian Paolo, with the inclusion of the 3rd generation, the Rubinetteria Gaboli Luigi continues with passion the production of taps for bathroom and kitchen.
The use of certified raw materials, the control of each phase of the production cycle and the particular attention to the final testing, are the basis for providing our customers with a true MADE IN ITALY product, with an excellent quality-price ratio. The results obtained in recent years have produced several modern and elegant lines, guaranteeing high levels of quality and satisfying not only the domestic market but also the international one. Their constant commitment to offer a range of taps made in Italy, guaranteeing INNOVATION, DESIGN, QUALITY and SAFETY for the customers, is the main feature of Rubinetteria Gaboli Luigi.
All the taps do not underestimate the importance of the ecological aspect, as it has introduced in all its mixers the possibility to choose two cartridges that intervene on two fundamental aspects: the flow regulation (ECOWATER) and the temperature (ECOSKIMP). In the Ecowater cartridge the knob has two opening positions: at the first block you get a flow of water reduced by 50%, while to get more water it is necessary to win a resistance and create a wider opening. The Ecoskimp cartridge supplies cold water to the opening with the lever in the central position. This avoids the request for hot water to the boiler with the consequent energy saving.

Specialized in:

Emotional Showers
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)
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