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Customized surfaces and wallpapers


Glamora was born in 2010 and immediately established itself in the world of wallcovering with coatings that add a story to the surfaces of architecture and with customized solutions. Always in constant growth, today it offers a rich variety of thematic proposals, materials and new concepts for residential, commercial and hospitality interiors.
The particularity of Glamora wallcoverings is their adaptability in terms of size, graphic development, and possibly color, to harmonize with the space. The creative solutions of the creative team are designed to best express the mood of the projects thanks to a catalog in continuous evolution, characterized by elegant and contemporary collections.
A constant is the research and development of innovative materials, aimed at satisfying specific needs. Like GlamMetal which gives the surfaces the iridescent reflections of the metal and the materiality of silk; GlamAcoustic designed to improve the acoustic quality of the rooms; GlamDecor, vinyl support produced with ecological inks, and GlamFusionTM, pre-finished waterproof wallpaper.

Thanks to the Bespoke Design Service, all the proposals of the collection or the off-catalog and corporate subjects, are made exclusively custom-made, are produced strictly in-house and delivered within two weeks from the definition of the order. Glamora has a widespread distribution network, present in Europe and around the world.
Constant concern is full customer satisfaction: from identifying the desired creative and design solution to evading the request as quickly as possible. Even in the case of large-scale projects, the company guarantees quality, respect for deadlines, an on-site presence by an architect and installation.

Glamora offers cutting-edge materials in the field of coatings for architectural surfaces and with a high aesthetic value. Entirely made in Italy, they comply with European regulations for health and the protection of people and the environment. Advanced coatings that install easily on curved surfaces, quickly and with low costs. They are dry removable, saving on disposal costs.
Glamora also develops collections related to individual materials to ensure excellent color rendering and the best style on specific substrates. It also offers the possibility of decorating each proposed covering with subjects belonging to different collections or out of catalog.

GlamFusion ™, with a registered patent, is the pre-finished and waterproof wallpaper that does not require any waterproofing application by the installer. A perfect synthesis of technical and aesthetic function, GlamFusion ™ is the ideal coating for walls in contact with water and for damp environments. The lightness of GlamFusion ™ facilitates transport and the ultra-thin thickness allows it to be laid on existing materials, avoiding demolition works, reducing time and costs. The great flexibility of the material allows it to be handled without risk of breakage and to trim it on the spot with a simple cutter, to adapt it with precision to niches, holes or hydraulic units. The texture with silk-touch effect, soft and silky to the touch, enhances every architectural space. Like all Glamora surfaces, GlamFusion ™ is also custom designed thanks to the company’s Bespoke Design Service.

-Ready to be used with extreme simplicity and speed on surfaces in contact with water without needing to undergo cycles of protective treatments and waterproofing on site.
-It does not allow any water infiltration into the underlying layer and offers a total waterproofing of the surfaces on which it is applied.
-The advanced performance of GlamFusion ™ ensures high resistance to intense stress, rubbing and surface abrasion as well as household detergents.
-The finish is matt with a silk-touch effect, soft and silky to the touch.
-The seamless look allows you to create creative solutions of virtually unlimited dimensions.
-Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it resistant to stains and easy to clean. Molds and bacteria cannot find hold and cannot spread into joints or under the surface.

It is the ideal wallpaper to quickly and easily cover walls, ceilings, and doors
cabinet doors. Produced with ecological, breathable and odorless inks, it is the ideal solution for the surfaces of any type of interior space, in residential or commercial environments. GlamDecor is composed of a layer of non-woven fabric coated in PVC and offers high performance in terms of quality, aesthetic durability and hygiene. The finish of the support is a light texture that enhances the design and makes it tactile.

It is the wallcovering that gives the surfaces of architecture the iridescent reflections of the metal and the charm of silk, through a refined but essential stylistic language. Obtained from the union of a thin metallic lamination and a texture that recalls the textile consistency, GlamMetal allows to characterize the environments with a play of chromatic mixes and iridescent effects. Suitable for covering interior walls and ceilings, it enhances the couture charm of the Glamora collection thanks to endless combinations of graphics and material.

It is the wallpaper with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties that improves the acoustic comfort of the rooms. GlamAcoustic is a double-pass vinyl coating formed by differentiated layers. The properties of the wall layer make it possible to reduce the noise coming from the outside and the leakage of those emitted from the inside while the properties of the outer layer optimize the reflection of the sounds, create a correct resonance and increase the purity of the audible frequencies.




Specialized in:

Customized surfaces and wallpapers
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