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Marble terrazzo tiles, Agglomerates


Lato.eSSe: the tender side of the concrete

This is how this new production of Italy who knows how to create, innovate and surprise presents itself to the public. Why “the tender side of the concrete”: it could be for the strongly feminine ingredient  that characterizes the company .. but on closer inspection it could be instead, thanks to the vision of the people of Lato.eSSe, a new perspective from which to consider the element “concrete”. If we say Concrete, we think of strength, structure, technology, gray color, home .. so many links are natural and immediate: but Lato.eSSe discovers a new point of view of the concrete .. or better to say .. “of” concrete . Yes, because  the well known concrete thanks to lato.eSSe, it comes to life and through objects, trinkets, decorative accessories, ornaments conveys emotions and feelings that are difficult we usually see and hear.

Let the images a hint of what Lato.eSSe creates.. and creates handcrafted with passion and pursuing those values ​​that are added value like all italian creativity, dexterity and  skill:

get carried away by feelings and think about what you could create with Lato.eSSe…

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Specializzato in:

Marble terrazzo tiles, Agglomerates

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