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Construction materials and for installation


Since 1968 Litokol has extended its activity from the traditional tile sector to the broader building environment. Litokol’s mission is to provide functional and precise solutions to meet the needs of building professional. This means working with an open mind and a willingness to always look for the most functional and appropriate solution. A careful selection of raw materials, meticulous management of the production chain and an efficient research and development department guarantee consistently high quality products conforming to European standards. Litokol adheres to ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Litokol today means a strong presence throughout Italy and in 75 foreign Countries; our customers worldwide are in touch with our headquarters for any need in terms of products, training and technical advices. Our range of products is a benchmark in several foreign markets, thanks to technical features, appearance, high quality and reliability.

Specialized in:

Construction materials and for installation
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Ditra 25 & Litoflex K80: Unity is strength.

The special package Schlüter Systems Ditra 25 and Litokol Litoflex K80 is now available. Membrane and glue together to provide a complete and safe package as for 25 years is daily demonstrating Schlüter Systems Ditra 25, the famous polyethylene membrane to create joint continuous expansion and waterproofing, used by companies and artisans applicators.

Schlüter Systems does not produce adhesives, rather collaborates with the major producers present all over the world: this is to leave free choice to its customers and partners.
A choice that does honor but that sometimes meets the need to offer a complete package for customers who request it: hence our proposal Schlüter Systems Ditra 25 and Litokol Litoflex K80 which, certified by the same manufacturer of glue, guarantees perfect compatibility and tightness of the package.

To complete the package, grout and sealants for expansion joints are available: all at a price significantly lower than alternative combinations or different packages.

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