The winning strategy of the Montecolino Spa, that for over 40 years has grown and developed in maximum industrial and financial security, is linked to its basic choice to design, produce and sell while never loosing sight of the quality.

Maximum quality in every phase of design and production, a quality found through the careful selection of raw materials, the efficiency of the production machinery and the constant in-plant laboratory analysis of every phase of production.

For years an internal group of researchers has produced important results both in the development of of new products and new processes. It is worth noting the design and development of industrial machinery, constructed entirely within the company, that cannot be found outside of Montecolino.

Along with the research of new products and technologies, Montecolino continually works to provide services that keep up with the expectations of its clients. Over the years this has led to the development of departments of cut to size, hemming, rubberising and customised printing.

Today the Montecolito Spa can offer a great variety of standard products or personalised projects, thanks to the countless possibilities of customisation.


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Natural grass or synthetic grass …?

Today Meinardi is pleased to inaugurate the inclusion in its projects of synthetic grass that, thanks to the natural colors and materials used, is extremely similar to the real one and suitable for gardens, balconies, poolside, play areas for children or interiors!
Eliminating problems of garden maintenance can create a very nice and practical outdoor environment as it does not need special care or precautions.
The installation can be temporary or permanent, in the first case it allows to protect the floor below, to re-roll the grass and reuse it if necessary!
All items are resistant to weather and sunlight, with warranty from 4 to 7 years. Furthermore, they are draining up to 6 liters / minute per m2.

Here are some achievements, come and discover this practical solution on the Ma-shop!


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