Specialized in:

Shower and Shower Trays
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)


Novellini was born as a small artisan company, specialized in the processing of wrought iron and aluminum for the production of doors and windows. With the production of shower enclosures, it boosts its business, reaching success also in the European market. Novellini introduces new articles for wellness, expanding the product range with multi-function booths and whirlpools.
Novellini Store is online, the portal dedicated to professionals, which allows you to check and order products and spare parts in real time.
Elysium is born, the high-profile collection, which combines contemporary design with the traditional attention to detail of Italian master craftsmen. The Novellini development office and style and design center begin the In Art project, for the creation of customized printed glass products.

Novellini’s production philosophy is based on understanding the real needs of customers, with the aim of offering the market the best experience from every point of view.

Being the point of reference for the excellence and culture of bathroom furnishings, the most innovative company that offers the best products and that offers the best services. Thanks to this, grow and become a leader in the high-end world, creating value for the resources that participate in their business and for the territory. The fundamental values ​​are the passion for excellence, understood as love of beauty and the well done, and ethics understood as value in the long term through sustainability, transparency and the enhancement of people. They want to put people and the quality of life of people at the center of their choices, always guided by passion in everything they do.

Each product is designed and manufactured to meet the most recent European standards regarding quality, safety and respect for the environment. The adoption of production processes with low environmental impact, the control of the introduction of toxic substances and the considerable energy savings are the answers to the problems of a world in constant evolution.

Novellini has chosen for its finishes paints enriched with a silver-based zeolite additive, capable of inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria, molds and fungi on surfaces. Tested in the laboratory according to the JIS Z 2801: 2000 method, our paints, compared to the traditional ones, guarantee the reduction of over 99% of the most common bacterial organisms (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli).


Specialized in:

Shower and Shower Trays
Taps (mixes, shower columns, shower heads)
Novellini web site


Novellini, collections 2012
Novellini, collection preview 2012

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