Specialized in:

Raised Floors
Wood in all essences and finishes (oiled, water-based paint, wax) and Laminates.

Original Parquet

Meinardi Sas is an agent of the Original Parquet company: a relationship that stems from the esteem and passion with which our companies coexist and grow on our territory.

A leading company in the parquet sector, Original Parquet with its production site in Alfonsine (Ra) is for us a flagship and a sign of an important production commitment for our area: the wide range of treated woods and finishes proposed, the proximity of the headquarters, the speed and professionalism in responding to the needs of the market, the quality of the product are the main strengths of our choice.

The company has a long experience and a great expertise in its field and over the years has continuously invested its resources in technology, research and industrial plant aimed at the construction of multi-layered pre-finished floors, remaining however leader in the industrial floor “Walking” and in the range of solid wood. The attention to detail in the realizations of the floors of Original Parquet translates into a very high quality of customizations and finishes that the woodworking workshop is able to work with.
In an ever-changing world, where markets are constantly changing, Original Parquet does not forget the importance of Italian craftsmanship. In addition to the commitment to innovation and the development of new industrial solutions, Original Parquet defends and promotes the typical characteristics of the culture of our land: a style that distinguishes us all over the world.

The production hall is the productive heart of Original Parquet because it boasts of the peculiar characteristics that find the foundations in the four years of study for the realization of the plant itself. Original Parquet continuously invests in the quality and research of materials, in the colors and finishes to constantly present itself with news on the market. One example among many is the ‘natural satin’ effect which is the pride of the company. In 2009 Original Parquet designed a particular product: the Tables Nobili, with an ‘oiled wax effect’ finish, called ‘lappato’, as it is presented in a satin finish but also with a very smooth effect to the touch. When the wood grain comes into contact with the colors developed by Original Parquet, they take on unique characteristics that are the fruit of time and research. Made with tests initially made by hand, they are then studied for production on an industrial scale.

Original Parquet is equipped with a new generation plant with the most sophisticated technologies for the processing of pre-finished floors; a plant that respects the environment and with advanced technological processes that protect the health of its operators and, at the same time, remain below the minimum environmental impact threshold.

The continuous research on materials to safeguard the environment, production operators and customers from the introduction of harmful substances has led the company to use water-based paints and adhesives classified in the low-release formaldehyde category E1. All this without ever losing sight of the quality and customization of the product through continuous research to find new finishes and new essences to be put on the market.

In 2011 Original Parquet obtained the FSC® certification which identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The forest of origin is controlled and evaluated independently according to these standards (principles and criteria of good forest management), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council a.c. through the participation and consent of the interested parties.


Specialized in:

Raised Floors
Wood in all essences and finishes (oiled, water-based paint, wax) and Laminates.
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Construction site F

External laying: the existing waterproofing system, once mechanically removed, has permitted the application of  Schlüter Systems, to perform a load test and lay the  wooden float decking.



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