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Construction materials and for installation


Changing the world of profiles in 40 years? It is possible, word of Profilpas. Indeed, Profilpas is born in 1976 in Vigodarzere, in the province of Padua, and, thanks to passion and to a big team work, it has succeeded in innovating the world of skirting boards and profiles for floors and walls, by adding functions, shapes, colours, decorations, materials and by changing them into sublime furnishing elements. Therefore, 2016 might be one of the years to remember for the company, ready to launch innovative products on the market.

Today, Profilpas is a multinational corporation which is active in 70 countries. It boasts more than 10 thousand articles, all included in a catalogue translated in 10 languages that has allowed to sell more than 20 million metres of profiles. Nowadays, the company can rely on a highly specialized staff composed of 150 employees and 60 agents spread over two production facilities and different sales offices. And yet, Profilpas does not stop and keeps on investing in research, with the stubborn will to redesign the concept of profile and skirting board, as proved by the incubator of young talents born from the collaboration with Scuola Italiana Design.

Innovation after innovation, Profilpas has been able to stand out for the quality of its solutions which are characterized by the adaptability to new materials (with more and more restrained thicknesses but always keeping the resilience like in the case of LVT floors), the unique style (with the insertion of luxury elements such as Swarovski®) and the possibility of customization (with digital printing technologies that can reproduce every kind of surface accurately).

This is a constant expansion built on an endless research in order to increase quality, design and functions of profiles and skirting boards and, in light of the important news kept by Profilpas, this promises further developments.


Specialized in:

Construction materials and for installation

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