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Raised Floors
Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings

Project Floors

The company management and all the consultants of PROJECT FLOORS are highly competent professionals, working in the field of floor coverings for over 20 years and are real specialists in this particular sector.
This young company is able to meet the specific needs of customers with great flexibility, paying close attention to detail and trying to find solutions even where the competition seems to give up.

With the certification of their production facilities in compliance with the most important environmental management system in the world (ISO 14001: 2004), they are committed to taking environmental issues into consideration and continuously improving the environmental situation with every business decision. This implies, for example, a diligent use of all resources in terms of sustainable value orientation, protection of water and air quality and waste reduction throughout production. Compliance with each requirement is guaranteed by regular checks by independent certification authorities.

The production is based on photographic technique reproduction, using a printing film. The nature of wood and other natural materials such as slate, granite etc. from which their drawings come, they have variations in color and nuances that improve the natural appearance of the products.

Warranty: The products are guaranteed up to 20 years, depending on the type of project and the product used.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the main component of plastic floor coverings. PVC is durable, durable, easy to clean and water resistant and therefore used in many everyday plastic products. PVC is originally a hard plastic that must first be soft and flexible before it can be laid as a floor covering. The chemicals that give the PVC the necessary flexibility and softness are called “softening agents” or “plasticizers”. The so-called “phthalates” are the type of softening agent that has been most commonly used for the production of plastic floor coverings. An in-depth evaluation of phthalates carried out on behalf of the European Commission by experts from EU Member States has come to the conclusion that they do not pose a risk to human health.
As one of the first manufacturers of plastic floor coverings, PROJECT FLOORS has voluntarily abstained from using softeners containing phthalates in the production of all floor coverings since 2013. One of the alternatives used is Hexamoll® DINCH®, which has developed from BASF for applications that come into close contact with humans. These include in particular the sensitive areas of toys, medical devices and food packaging.

PROJECT FLOORS guarantees you the best possible service and immediate management of all your requests. Naturally, they want to make the impossible possible.


Specialized in:

Raised Floors
Carpet, Pvc, Luxury Vinyl Floorings
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