Protector Attività Molecolare

Specialized in:

Surface Treatments


Protector is a range of treatments based on nanotechnology: it is able to waterproof various types of surfaces, from classic floor tiles to stone or concrete support , from the glass of the shower stall to the windshield of the car, from textile  for furniture to clothing. A hydro repellent protection that does not alter color and texture of the treated material.

The Protector line is completed with a patent detail that makes the classic antislip ceramic tile or porcelain tile: so wet, outdoor, public areas that we want to make antislip can be safely treated: the peculiarities of the product is that it does not change color and consistency of the material, therefore does not create any surface film and makes the surface antislip only in the presence of water.

At our warehouse, are available product Protector line

Specialized in:

Surface Treatments

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