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Emotional Showers
Shower and Shower Trays


SI.BOX is able to offer any solutions for the bathroom and, thanks to the collaboration of architects and interior designers, it offers comprehensive and customized solutions, already present in many homes, hotels and yachts.
Certified quality of the materials, style, functionality, customization and security are the basis of every project, so as to offer customers a high professional standard from the drafting of the budget for installation of the shower stall.
SI.BOX not only creates original products, but accompanies the customer in time with continuous and punctual support.
Shower enclosures are available with lines and standard sizes, both with interventions tailored with style. Shapes and colors are available according to their own situation housing.
SI.BOX only uses materials made in Italy materials and first choice guaranteed.
The result is an  entirely Italian product, from aluminum to crystal, from the bearings, seals and up to fasteners.

A choice to offer a universe of well-being, pleasure and quality, in full compliance with security policies.


Specializzato in:

Emotional Showers
Shower and Shower Trays
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