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Bathrooms furniture


Sign, a company of the Berloni family, stands out for its innovative production lines, with a strong character and an excellent quality – price ratio. A company that produces bathroom furniture, accessories, stone-worked products which is a very important partner in our showroom.

Sign’s quality concept presents itself with a renewed furnishing spirit, to increasingly elevate the bathroom to a space with a strong personal identity in which to live, share, tell, imagine, dream perhaps driven by a detail, certainly by style, why not with intense and refined design lines. A new interpretation where the product, the collection, the complement together become pure bathroom furnishings; a complete and transversal concept in which the concept rooms focus attention on the new linearity, the new finishes of materials and a new expression of formal materiality that is expressed through very strong material and chromatic combinations.
The high quality concept represents the mission of Sign: to design and produce quality as a fundamental prerogative, through a strong “synergy” between construction technique, form and material. It is one of the characterizing aspects for all the collections, pushing the machinery to the limit not for a quantitative optimization of the production but for the realization of extreme technical solutions, conceptually artisanal, technically reachable only with perfect automations ..
The Sign product is mainly natural, material and characterized by details that immediately express its elevated connotation: a complicated simplicity of form.
It is a fundamental and constitutive asset of Sign’s new creed-philosophy, considering that the stylistic-formal research and the production are entirely taken care of within the company, in collaboration with architects and designers who contribute to the realization of a product destined to a medium-high target, strongly interested in product exclusivity and detail uniqueness.
It all began in 2003 in Fossombrone, near Pesaro, the cradle of Italian furniture production. From a local production company to a dynamic emerging industrial reality in the field of ENVIRONMENT-BATHROOM-INTEGRATED, the step was short. Entrepreneurial evolution has meant that the initial artisan experience is confronted immediately with international competitors – mainly European – allowing the Company a strong development and above all a strong learning in the quality and in the organization of the work presiding commercially, today, well 38 countries in the world.
Building on this experience, Giovanni Berloni, born in 1975, focused on an ambitious and innovative project right now that “the bathroom world is increasingly conceived as furniture, detaching itself from the technician, and where the contract is more and more a constant everyday reality. “In production, furnishing systems, washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, mirrors, lighting systems and accessories, integrated aesthetic-qualitative collections that make the difference, thanks to an industrial-craftsmanship with a cut and style” extremely italian “.
A unique interpretation of the design of the form, which combines the instinct of the creative process with the combined and very unique material use of natural stone, wood and ASTONE®, a composite material of the “solid surface” family. Through the optimization of the enormous technical and productive potential of the family company, and of its well over 15,000 square meters of covered production area (divided into 3 factories), today SIGN is looking for new style languages ​​and new identity for personalizing the environment-bathroom, opening up endless horizons of high-profile material combinations, with different and demanding targets, such as Architects, designers and private individuals, more sensitive to details, lines, materials and, only later, to price.


Specialized in:

Bathrooms furniture
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