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Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite

Slate Lab

Slate Lab offers natural, lightweight and flexible stones, made of a genuine thin layer of real stone lying on glass fiber or cotton in order to give the final product extreme elasticity and resistance. The material, suitable for any kind of surface, thanks to its lightness and flexibility, is an ideal solution for: internal coverings; external facades; pillars; floorings; ceilings; bathroom, kitchen and fireplace tiles; bar counter and kitchen worktops; furniture, doors and furnishings in general. Moreover, it is surely the most suitable material for making high quality finishings for the naval architecture, aeronautic and automotive sectors, where common stone couldn’t be applied because of its excessive weight.

Meinardi is Slate Lab local dealer

Here some photos about lightweight and flexible stones:





Specialized in:

Stone, Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Quartzite

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The Arenaria is a sedimentary rock composed of granules with a medium size of a sand. The granules can have various mineralogical composition, depending on the area of ​​origin. Among the grains most resistant to abrasion and chemical alteration, quartz, a mineral that is commonly due to its existence, is one of the most common constituents of these rocks. The granules are bonded together by a cement, originating from the chemical precipitation of minerals formed by ions present in the water circulating between the interstitial pores; calcium carbonate is commonly found as cement, both in the form of calcite and of lobsters. less silica or sometimes an iron oxide.

Sandstone carpet on textile fiber support with a textured texture, suitable for interiors and exteriors, applicable on any type of surface (smooth, dry and clean) both as a covering and as a floor. Flexible stone carpet with a tactile finish in relief or smooth soft, different for type of sediment. After application it will be treated with a water-repellent superficial consolidator or resins.


Quartzite panel on support made of polyester resin and glass fiber with natural split surface. Suitable for interiors and exteriors, it can be applied to any type of surface (smooth, dry and clean) both as a covering and as a floor, as long as it is low foot traffic. Flexible and light.
The materials maintain the original shades and veins created by nature, which is why their shading makes each sheet different from the other.

Quarzite is a type of metamorphic rock composed in a clear predominance of quartz. derive from the dismantling and subsequent metamorphic passage of quartzarenite. The most colorless, transparent and vitreous varieties are almost exclusively composed of quartz. Quartz may be associated with other minerals such as micha, potassium feldspar, plagioclases, carbonates, etc.
Given the great stability of the quartz (mineral not easily alterable), the information on the metamorphic grade of quartzite is given precisely by the accessory minerals contained in the quartzite. The texture is predominantly massive, but the presence of micha can transform it into schistose. Flint, a sedimentary rock composed almost exclusively of silica, should not be confused with quartzite. Due to their excellent mechanical properties and resistance to atmospheric agents they are used in the building industry; they are used for their high silica content as a raw material in the refractories and ceramics industry, as well as in the glass production industry.

Indian Stone

Concrete effect

Carpet born from the recovery and recycling of the processing materials of sandstone carpets, cement-based amalgam, mineral binders. Suitable for coverings, floors and furnishing elements both indoors and outdoors.
The materials maintain the original shades and veins created by nature, which is why their shading makes each sheet different from the other.

Corten effect

Carpet born from the recovery and recycling of the processing materials of sandstone carpets, cement-based amalgam, mineral binders, natural iron oxides and corrosion. Suitable for coverings and furnishing elements both indoors and outdoors.
The materials maintain the original shades and veins created by nature, which is why their shading makes each sheet different from the other.

Carbone effect

Carpet born from the recovery and recycling of the processing materials of sandstone carpets, amalgam based on cement, mineral binders. Suitable for coverings, floors and interior and exterior elements, carbon surface textures.
The materials maintain the original shades and veins created by nature, which is why their shading makes each sheet different from the other.

Coal is a fossil fuel or sedimentary rock extracted from underground or open-cast mines, or artificially produced. The formation of coal dates back to about 345 million years ago, when a warm and humid climate and a high concentration of CO2 favored the growth of giant trees: their death (favored by floods) and the subsequent degradation, assisted by fungi and bacteria, have led to what we know as fossil coals.


Light stone in 60 seconds
Meinardi at Matrioška in Rimini 8/9/10 December 2017
Slate Lab laying

Directly from our news

Local renewal at the “Caffè del Teatro” in Bagnacavallo

The “Caffè del Teatro” in Bagnacavallo inaugurated Saturday 12 October presenting new colors, surfaces and furnishings.
Thanks to the direction of Andrea Plazzi of “Interni Soluzioni D’Arredo”, in a short time it was possible to realize the desire and expectations of the client.
Meinardi would like to thank both the property and Andrea Plazzi for having chosen our special Stone Light for the restyling of the bar and tables, and for Microresina, with which we have renewed the floors and coverings of the services.


Important news for La Pietra Leggera

I am pleased to announce that from today the “all inclusive” installation service is available for the Pietra Pietra. Alongside the many installers that we have formed during the year, we have created an official installation service for those who wish it: this service consists in being able to use a qualified craftsman, with experience of over 10 years, in laying this material. A service that we strongly desired for those who gave us the preference to buy with an “all inclusive” package.
For more information, quotes and installation, contact us directly!


Pietra leggera exposure

We created the “Slate Lab” corner where you can see all the flexible surfaces in large format, available both for designers and architecture firms, but also for our customers.
Thanks to the flexibility, thickness and reduced weight of light stone or recomposed types Corten, Concrete, Carbone, Travertino, we can cover many types of surfaces!


Light stone cladding for shower enclosures

When the need is to cover a shower box quickly and with thin thicknesses, perhaps leaving the aesthetics of the rest of the bathroom unaltered, Pietra leggera is the ideal solution. Moreover, thanks to the flexibility of the Stone sheets, it is possible to cut, lay and move the rolls in very small spaces that are not easy for the classic large tiles.


New look for the exterior of Cocoloco Marina di Ravenna

We advise you to stop by Cocoloco, if you have not yet done so: the quality of the service, the hospitality of the staff and, last but not least, the excellence of the cuisine, will pamper you throughout your stay.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of the restyling of the indoor and outdoor premises: today we focus on two particular products that we used to coat the external surfaces. These are two types of natural surfaces with very different technical characteristics

The Pietra Leggera, with which we have covered the central platform of the outside: thanks to its large size, flexibility and lightness has created a natural and elegant effect at the same time. An effect that would not have been possible with other surfaces, ensuring ease of cleaning and durability.

La Pietra Compattata, with which we have covered the external corsets and all the cabins: paths and points that are generally left to pure cement or unsuitable stoneware, but the Compounded Stone, with its thickness and its technical characteristics has created an aesthetic pair / practical not repeatable with other surfaces. Of course, without forgetting the comfort for walking under the hottest hours, dissipating heat well, and the anti-slip without having to resort to annoying and not practical relief on the surface.

We thank the owner and the designer Andrea Plazzi of Interni Furniture solutions that have given us their trust in our proposals.

Good job and good summer guys!





1st demonstration course for laying the Pietra Leggera

Thursday, May 10th, we were present at the course that introduced new applicators in the application technique of light and flexible surface in quartz powders: our Slate Lab Light Stone.

The Light Stone, thanks to the dimensions of about 120×270 cm, to flexibility, lightness and easy application has already obtained the consent of many application sectors: from construction to furniture, from boating to window frames … and more.

Thanks to our applicators who attended the meeting!


For those who have not been able to participate and for those who are interested in discovering the Pietra Pietra, please contact us!!





Meinardi for the Coco Loco in Marina di Ravenna

On Saturday 17 March, the Coco Loco of Marina di Ravenna inaugurated the summer season: the inauguration, despite the weather, was a great success and the guests present appreciated the restyling that was performed.

The renewal of the Coco Loco, thanks to the creativity of Andrea Plazzi of Interni Soluzioni d’Arredo, has affected the interior and exterior of the restaurant: Meinardi is proud to have contributed to this success with the materials destined for renovated surfaces such as the tops of the counters, the internal flooring and the outdoor flooring.

Here are some photos taken during the event: for more information or images, register on our website and visit the links in the article.


Register on our website and then look at the following links: State Lab and La Pietra Compattata. You will be able to access other special images!

Rain Forest Green ultrathin on wall: guaranteed effect

The family of thin-gauge stones lends itself to quickly and easily decorate different surfaces in interiors and exteriors. Both in the new building and in the renovation, the thin thickness makes it possible to use this precious material with reduced costs and application times. An example is the headquarters of Assicurazioni Tre Erre in Carmignano di Brenta (PD) in which several interior plasterboard walls have been clad with the ultrathin Indian stone Rain Forest Green.

Corner or border to renew? No problems with Slate Lab – The light stone

More often they ask us how our light stone behaves in corner or curve, if the resistance of the surface is suitable and if the surface is stain-resistant or not.

A difference of other materials, the light stone may cover completely corners, curves, corners … with an incredible simplicity of installation: box covered shower, walls, furniture, objects .. etc. ecc. you can keep a surface continuity.
The resistance and the cleanability with zero absorption increase and get with post post-installation that accompany our supplies according to the field of use.
Take for example the latest works performed in which curvilinear corners and edges .. we have not spared.. and also a stressed top surface

The following example is the creation of a bathroom furniture at Officine Bernardi where, on a wooden support, we laid the light stone, without joints and interruptions.



While in the images, at our point of sale in San Marino (Pipa srl), an original work top has been renewed. the anti-stain treatment was applied, the normal oil-repellent was used to leave the surface completely unaltered. The result? Perfect.

Even more, during the “Salone del mobile” in Milan this year at Luxury Living stand, we have played the light stone as flooring and, in addition to the week of people who have walked on the surface, a Bentley was parked in plain sight!


If you want to see other images, click and click on Slate Lab! For all information and questions … contact us !!

Meinardi at Matrioška – Rimini

Our exhibition experience at Matrioška (Castel Sismondo – Rimini)has just ended: together with Officine Bernardi. Surely an event and a new stimulating collaboration that has given excellent results.
We wish to thank all those who, reading our invitation, have visited us and have known Lorenzo Bernardi and his art.

Below are some pictures of the furniture covered with our light stone. A short video is also visible on the Slate Lab page.

Meinardi at Ride for Life 2017

We are thrilled to have contributed to the realization that Officine Bernardi, Lorenzo Bernardi itself, designed and built for the “Ride for Life” event that involves many motorcycle enthusiasts and that collecting funds, such as e-Bay auction sales of ad hoc products for the event, helps research for spinal cord injuries.

This year the event in Ferrara was also able to count on the donation of a furniture made by Lorenzo Bernardi who chose our light stone to finish a part of it: we want to thank him officially both for the trust and for this work: unfortunately spinal injuries do not only involve road accidents, but also other accidents such as those at working, and research must be supported.

At this point, let us see the pictures .. and.. remember.. you can participate in the auction on e-Bay !!

and…. it could not be missed the great Lorenzo.. during the work in progress…

Slate Lab & Villa Mozart – CasaClima 2017 –

Villa Mozart, Bolzano, project of the “bluearch” study in Bolzano, was coated externally with our 2mm thick quartzite. An example of direct laying on coating .. the pictures speak for themselves !!

Villa Mozart has won the  prestigious CasaClima 2017 award..




Corten flex and Corten rumble by Slate Lab

Slate Lab has included alongside the lines of Sandstone and Quartzite, a new surface appearance always thin: Corten effect with two aesthetic, flex and rumble.

Available in size100x300 cm size, the surface with Corten effect is gaining consensus for the color fidelity, for the soft touch surface, and for the laying practicality: applicable for both interior and exterior, our invitation is to come to see and touch!

Corten Flex and Corten Rumble  can be seen at our showroom or at our authorized dealers: for more information, contact us!

Slate Lab – The light stone at Made Expo 2017

Slate lab has partnered the DI.BI. group company , Marche region-based company that manufactures security doors and security systems for windows: at Made Expo, which is held these days in Milan, you can see the White Carrara (one of the many available surfaces) applied to an item of DI.BI. group.

The light stone lends itself to applications in both the construction industry both in the furnishing and contract sector: many are the strengths to choose the stone lighter solution with thin!
Contact us for a presentation of a wide range of surfaces!

Meinardi is brand area dealer Slate Lab

Slate Lab, the light stone

You would like to place the stone as a finishing.. but  cause thickness, weight and cost  you will have to give up.. With Slate Lab, stone light, you can realize your project: slate, quartzite, sandstone .. in thickness of only 2 mm !!!

Continued …





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